Wednesday, November 28, 2018


I cannot sleep, yet another sleepless night. Like so many before it. Tonight my mind drifts off to sleep but I am awakened by my forever problem. I didn't understand it the pieces fit so snugly together, and plagues my every wakened hour, that I myself the owner of these dreams/nightmares does not know what the root of the problem was. I am so scare that the owner of these dreams and nightmare may be lurking by and find me, and I have lost so much already. Time went on minutes turned into hours,hours turned to days and days weeks and weeks months and so on. I am also afraid that since this time has went on that now instead of its capture being THE RAPIST has finally escaped and has put my own right there where vengeance and justice sit, Every time I cry, lash out in anger, my loved one is the victim, instead of the person who committed the crime. those that thought they had power over the situation now realized he or her had nothing and the rapist escaped, he is master at the art, the family breaks apart and lost everything. NOT knowing the real problem because it had sit so no one had nothing a seed of larceny, that bloomed into the nightmare. Finally I realized that it was a probability and that this person is sitting right there parked outside my house sitting in my drive way. A master at it. He thought he had gotten away with it and when in my view and in my little bird brain all in one minute unraveled piece by piece, flash backs to the night it happened almost 30 years ago. Is it a probability? I ask myself. We as children know the real answer to that and do young girls have these kind of problems the answer is yes. Our world was so small working on the most difficult problems could this person have followed us on thru to adulthood and right into marriage? Found their way into our bedroom and in our marital bed? Could this person be the father of our now 30 year old son. Did he pick apart our genetics and put himself into the equation? Is there such a thing as a Nigger in the wood pile? Is there such a thing as a nigger at all? What is a nigger? but a filthy rotten scoundrel waiting plotting, sitting outside waiting for the opportunity , drooling with anticipation. Women know this to be the problem. They don't know why I exist, and why they became the depraves food for thought and the or the mans favorite morsel of nutty goodness. Yes in a perfect world these kind will sometimes surface , A dying race. A gentile throw back, in to a  pool of purgatorial limbo. Bitterness such sweet sorrow. In the long run the only one who will argue in their defense. For what good is a dead enemy, or one who is on the ground suffering from the previous attacks. Most won't but some do . Kill a helpless harmless creature of God. You can tell by his laboring meals he is a fine cook. Are you the delicacy he is looking for? Are you the taste they looking for?  Then he put her back together and helped her up and apologies for his less than favorable appearance manner.
I was still playing out this scenario when I was blinded by the next. I was gaveling in the dirt and the dust a popular place to stand for a person like this.
How did I get here and why am I here? and who is this person standing before me? Every, time I stood up, he would knock me down a notch till we both wound up in a dusty dirty hole together and he said this is my kind of living and I laughed. He got so lonely he started messing with the cats, and thought to myself don't you rape my cats!! And I got scared and thought oh lord please don let anyone have so much control so easily, yeah we recognized him, but you might not have. I kicked that cat in the balls ten times because of his rubbing all over me...putting his scent glands on me. That was hopeless. Then I gotten to feeling bad about it the rule still stands no cats allowed and if you are allowed you got to live like a dog, and die of honor a Nobel death, and be buried in the Stephen Kings Pet Cemetery. I was laughing about it all then guess who pulled up in the drive at 1:42a.m. I knew it was him cause my dogs were and my garage motion sensor was going off. SO threw on the porch light and heard him driving off. Oh thank God does this man really think he is something else even at 70 years old?
The Moral of the story, There is a place in our mind and in our hearts that people can go that will either make you feel right at home, or terribly uneasy. And you may try this on your neighbors though it might not be recommended.
Don't go over to the neighbors house cause that's my girlfriend not yours. Then you wound up in it all following him around. Skinny as a stick, I would not like a stick in the eye. I threw them all back into the baby pool in 15 degree weather drunk as a skunk. and we all went to heaven a little row boat.
Then about an hour later I was able to sleep and I turned the tv back on and went to sleep with The Supernatural Series.

Monday, November 19, 2018

Everyone Has Problems,

IF you leave your station and are gone too long someone might think you are not there anymore.Maybe you got lost in it and the person you were is no more, the old man dies and the new man lives on.
If this is you, then here is something that you can do, it doesn't belong to you these problem will go away, within time. But if it doesn't then you might be questioned about it.

some people cannot see the things that are not seen, they habitat with it eat with it and even Sleep with it and the y do not know. These thing that not seen with the naked eye, some people can see.
Jesus spoke in parables to people to give an example of the situation not every one understands Parables.
Some peoples problem are puzzles yet to remembered, or even understood it still has power over them. Some people create their own problems so as to riddle other people with it.

Some come in the form of spells incantations or subliminal and to rid yourself of these problems is very dangerous if they dont want you to remember or do anything about it. There are very real enemies even unseen.
You cant see the enemy but you remember it and that is dangerous too. Thats how it works!

Give yourself a break, remove the enemy and the defuse it so they cant hurt you anymore.
Thats like a wick. That comes with its own skit.

A Doo Whap in Rockabilly Guitar Dedicated To my Family

It's dangerous road to take, You knew it and still you bought a ticket one way.....and medical blunders left you dry And unchanged. Crossed over the roads going nowhere.....fear of annihilation, GEniCide wreaking havoc in your your many have you laid to rest?Written For LayneStanly, by Tannie Dykema Tannie.


I love you , I love you, I love you, A DO LOVE YOU,

Do you love me, do you love me, A Do A Do a DO bee do bee do....

Play it pretty for me,
Play it pretty for me,
Play it pretty for me,

Ad o a doo a doo bee do bee do....
I love you oo oo...
I love you...oow we ooewe,

Play it pretty for me,
Play it pretty for me,
PLay it pretty for weee ooo...
Love you bye bye now ...

Saturday, November 10, 2018


We all know about the many deaths that people can suffer, this is because mankind is a ingenious. Lets say they call it "THE GRIM REAPERS". A Martyred Prophet, someone who gets their rewards from the dead and the  dying.

 Death a necessary part of living, but should it be one with the living?
It was a very dark day when a man would wish for death and death would not come. Now he seems to be a friendly character that  none feared , and The Grim Reaper Feared none, he had the keys of death in one hand and a sickle in the other. A Mythological creature, skeleton remains for a face. How close alike are we to this have we become The Grim Reaper? Writing our own passage way into the future, making our own cures, and using the dead to live on to thrive when our own life seems to fail us. 
Now you see, death in one hand and a sustainable life in the other. When death was inevitable, somehow from somewhere came a living force inexplicable, to redeem our lives and paid the price and we did not know him. The agony of a depth and debt so deep of renting hands and gnashing of teeth, what was it all for? Why should we go to the depths of this if there was no answer as to why? Death has an answer now its called the fountain of Youth to live eternally, and now it is Eternal agony. 
For you only met The Grim Reaper in a dream, and despite this you ran and ran and could not escape it, and you rebuked it, and you prayed about it and fear set in.
Is there any way to correct this depiction? So you painted flesh on him and called him Lucifer. His name is not Lucy, it is "Grim Reaper," why do you call me such things when you know my name? I am not the messenger, I am the portal of which you escape from the living. I myself am not alive I am a Myth, but death is real and eminent. 
People Market tragedies that would otherwise be diverted. These are capitol offending, marketing strategy.As if you could divert "The Grim Reaper", from his schedule. Everyone says,Every person born has a day to live and a day to die. Was it calculated Cancer ? Calculated Car accident? or calculated Abortion? Could the mind even rationalize the concept ? That has only been Scientific and not an exact Science to be precisely predicted?
Will there ever be a need to do away with The Grim Reaper? Absolutely! Will mankind ever acknowledge what it would be like to live a thousand years of peace? Probably. If we cannot change this because of what might happen, then He is here to stay.

TILL WE FIND THE ANSWERS to these probing problems to each his own destiny and his own battles and his own wars. May all deceased rest in peace.AMEN AMEN.