Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Well here is a video that says, not just Mexico Border is effected by immigration laws but check points

If you are a USA citizen you might find comfort in knowing our law enforcement is hard at work but instead you become defensive about coming and going across the Canada Border. Who does that anyway? Not answering questions?

Monday, July 02, 2018

Health Care Fraud, Loosening up the tight Purse string by Given too Insurance to people who are not disabled or handicapped or Seniors.

This was bound to happen people get jealous so quickly when they are forced to live below sub=standardized living and paying way to much to the general welfare of fraudulent companies that hikes the cost of living so they can take in more money instead of going to work harder for the money. This zeroed in a particular ethnic group and trickled it into their own pockets . When the  people have no creative ability to do something outside of stealing they have to rely on someone to feed them and care for them. This is a major loop hole that allowed .Duplicating the debt over and over and never settling for anything less. Meanwhile the flow of prosperity is weakened, like a watered down generic existence of a life. There is no Quality among people who are forced to live like this. It's even people who are professional panhandlers and bums and organized crime.Wallowing in self pity, to the lame mans eyes and having two or more houses to live in so they can collect more than their fair share.  The general public at large having no money, and the money dries out, much like a coveted drug would be when there is talk about a drug sting operation would be to the interest of the drug dealer, stops selling till the heat dies down.

Link To Arrest of fraudulent health care workers.(CLICK HERE)

Is this information also a fraud? Just to keep people at bay till they can get due process to ? more?

How about drug companies are getting involved, and are selling potentially lethal cocktails to their clients, only to satisfy the drug company meanwhile keeping the patient only alive until the money runs dry and dropping them like a hot potatoes with Companies such as  Purdue which is also being sued, and other companies such as MErke, and astra Seneca. How bout them hormone companies? 

Well use to people would say those cops work really hard , trying to do whats right and why are they writing so many tickets? Well hey said cause they have a quota to meet, just like Doctors who have New drugs to sell,  and no patients to sell them to, and quite possible Bills to pay of their own.

I was told they could only write so many narcotic prescriptions and that's all. but could this be in reverse? that they have to write more than the quota?

Not any and all of this makes much sense to me except when my life comes in direct conflict with the best interest of a grueling Doctor, or Cop that doesn't apologies for writing you a  ticket, or prescribing or not prescribing some much needed  wanted drug. 

Oh well, "what doesn't kill you will make you stronger", Maybe this is true? and Maybe it isn't? who know's truth seems ever fleeting and illusive as a slippery snake.


Saturday, June 30, 2018

The Case Of Detained Immigrants according to Age Bracket

Hello! we have a very big dilemma regarding migrants from South America, If that is not saying too much, then let me say that everyone of them can freely travel to and fro Mexico if given the opportunity. They are not free, and they are not freely being given to the USA, and South America will seek out these problems to HOT BOX the Government into relinquishing funds that would not ordinarily be given to them. These finds are paying for the lives that were endangered by Sectors of migrant workers who wished to work in the USA and everyone of them had the right of a migrant.
They are coming to USA to provoke change upon N.Americans who wish not to endure anymore crisis like these. And at their better judgement came here with a child no less disregarding the dangers they would place on their own children. The pain and suffering was brought on by their own Government which has always been by the hands of Dominican Republic. That is stampeding USA SOILS, of which History says; "They were Paid in Full", During the Tex Mex War. Isn't this the case at hand? President Trump, Allocated for a new Border to be  built and no one not just the migrants has ever had full right over their children with so much emphasis on Child custody rules and the proper care and treatment by their family members. Which slayed us and force our hands to take leave of absence of Governmental Offices, and redirect on "The Mexican infiltration of USA. it started with a Drug Lord called , "Pablo Escabar". which started during the Reagan Administration.

It's been a long time coming, the longer it goes the more and more South America "Mexico" lets thru the border. 

Human trafficking children thru Mexico and in the closest proximity thru Texas, California, and more.
You want some history on how many time they became career criminals, such as Jim Jones, and Charlie Manson. How criminally successful were they to be able to enter into USA and commit a heinous crime and no one took notice until after the fact.

You worried you ass off about it, and still have not recognized USA , as being the Soil you entered into and knew there would be trouble. You came here anyway.

Forewarned is Forearmed, it was not successful because of the number of South Americans who came from that area in groves and groves hundreds if not thousands. So are you willing to allow our government as it is to Govern you and care for you and give you the fair treatments that you claim you deserve. YOU HAVE MORE FEAR OF USA THAN YOU DO MEXICO.

Neither way was befitting to you, so what do you expect to happen? What did you think you could come here again? 

I am not prejudice as much as I am discriminating against the South American  illegal entry into the USA.

If you done it the way the government told you to with school in Your own Country, and then asked for something  , but you screwed that up!!!

They  to are endless with problems and execution of problem. Some dont make it far enough, to request"political Asylum".

Why would you subject them to something they may never be able to achieve? That to me is Merciful.

Its not that we dont love and care about humans and the rights, but its Never been and nor will it ever be ,"THE BILL OF EQUAL RIGHTS". it will always be "The Bill Of Rights", only people who know this know the chances they risk by coming here.

Perhaps maybe you have someone with enough intelligence to sit down and write your own, "BILL OF EQUAL RIGHTS", and have it Placed on the desk of President Trump and have him sign in such legislation.

Hey OBAMA did not do it? Why wouldn't anyone else?  and you never wrote one!

So I see it as brain storming the idealization of how to address this problem.
Before you start weeping again, think about it? 

You need much more than that.

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Music Sampler Texastannie 2018

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Today is the music I play with my guitar"Epiphone" Genuine. Click the link above.

It's been a while since I've played. little squeaks and duds.

Friday, June 22, 2018

In the News Today, Immigration laws.

While people recognize the immigrants that cross the border note one thing under lying beneath is they are getting your attention. The most ridiculous statement is the one that goes in noticed. It is humane to keep the families together but I can remember a time when someone under the Apartment rentals would be surprised finding grown adult men barracking in a vacant apartment some say they remember too, as many as 32 in a vacant apartment. Where they would retire after a long day of work in some cases without pay just to be noticed. I also know that was not humane but was considered pliable when bad companies and bad bosses they would say non-Hispanic would work them and they would get paid and no one said anything about them being paid except where they would send the majority of the money they made to their families in Mexico. You have noticed large areas in Houston where they have taken over the whole neighborhood and apartment and seemingly clocked to it, and even brandishing weapons and terrorizing neighbors. Who know what other crimes.
No one wants to make a remark about it cause it is sensitive issue. If the president took a stand on this issue I would think you would disagree with what he wants whether right or wrong. They simply disagree. The problem may be fixed  and you wouldn't know it, because you were treated as a hostile witness. Many times I've heard that the only way they could ever do anything to move this issue along involved the UN-OBVIOUS. I have seen the government come in and make curfews and applied marshal laws and they would rebel costing millions of dollars in damages.  Speaking of "THE MOODY PARK RIOT".
records were the number one thing they like to take their problems out on, during the TEX MEX WAR. When the Alamo burned down.
Seemingly, it followed with street sign turn upside down, and missing, causing accidents.
These people are hardwired with a set of programming  that is passed down thru generations cause it never changes, they pay what some called "COYOTE's", and he would walk them to USA, he didn't need any street signs, and when gangs rivalry met head to head, resolved their problems or decided to not resolve it, some peoples families were targeted. Innocent or not.
These days I speak about are past tense, and when you decide that a neighborhood will remain and the people will not remain, you've got big problems.
They are getting Militant strong, and while you might be able to pinpoint some of these behaviors its not always fixable, or flexible because its hardwired into them people brains that "Mexico is always their friend". It couldn't be further from the truth.While one man could drug seek and get a jackpot of say a pound or more at dirt cheap prices, one day he realized he was drug seeking in the wrong place.They almost killed him. Who was in the wrong then ? "DRUG SEEKING SHOULD BE MADE ILLEGAL. I am not pointing a crooked finger for whatever good this will do for Mexico or for Texas USA. I'm simply saying all our sympathy and empathy never made anything right or wrong. Kids will break and families must fall into this problematic situation and they found the foot hold they need to disagree. that is not near enough pressure to make our current situation bend or break, Our President is a new president and I must tell you that he is one tough cookie! With plenty of interest. He knows that every step forward requires a few steps back. He is not the evilness of thing that has passed, but of new innovations and plenty to invest himself.
Move forward is hard on some people due to an ole saying, "You can't teach an old dog new tricks,", referencing "COYOTE'S" again.
What caused this hindrance is putting on the breaks, and having to carry a lifeless body down the tracks instead of being more flexible and Mexico is not as flexible as they seem at times.
Now there we have other thing on our plates to address and welfare for indigent Hispanics is not one of them, there is no guarantee's that not one of them is qualified for that job. And, has been schooled in the proper ways. So, when they start pounding us with their problems asking for sympathy, it never stops there. That Country is not poor. They are just the meanest I've ever seen in my whole life. And we as Tex Mex are expected to be nicer? Give them rights they know nothing about. How do you know that they understand the complications of their actions? they will not stop asking for more till every one of them is sitting on a porch stoop of hillbilly and tobacco farm where deformities are the norm...LOL..joking. but true.

Well here is a video that says, not just Mexico Border is effected by immigration laws but check points

If you are a USA citizen you might find comfort in knowing our law enforcement is hard at work but instead you become defensive about coming...