Thursday, August 30, 2007

Queen of Pages

In the silence of her mind,
she shows you the things of the past,
with a heart like open book,
A queen that wouldn't last,

torn pages of what could and couldn't be,
she strives so hard to tell you,
cause in her whispers you will be free,
but your damned and confused,
playing games of losers and fools,

and your so much like the wind,
so much like the wind,
scattered pieces all around,

Written by Tannie 12-31-06

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Dancing in the Dark written by Tannie 2007

Tonight I am all alone as I watch my silhouette dance across the room...I remind myself I am never alone...God Always listens even as I am casting shadows....through the dimly lit candle... I can see better clearer than I ever have before.....Cause I am seeing with the eye of the almighty upon me in my life...Darkness doesn't always have to create fear in your life...Yes darkness could Be the place that you find God The Most Pronounced....

Something To Believe In By Tannie 2007

Here we stand in our nothingness...
With nothing above us,
Nothing below us,
Just you and me,
In this very spectrum of time,
And there is peace , happiness, and tranquility,
Away from the complexity of our fears
And as we stand face to face, hand in hand...
In this very spectrum of time....
All wounds miraculously heal,
All War Stops,
babies cry no more...
In this very spectrum of time.
And because we have chosen to believe
In one true destiny one tiny little thing
The very spectrum of time

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Alone Again


You left me alone cold, bitter, & dark,
To search out my feeling , to ponder my heart,
Only to find myself again in deep despair,..
You call me your friend...
but you don't care....

It wasn't just my imagination you've hidden beneath,...
like the shelter of branches under a tree,
No, There's no turning back, No, there's no tomorrows-
You left me to drown in my deepest sorrows...

All my days I wasted from beggining to end,...
Cause You still call me... I was your friend...
where this will lead nobody knows...
a road to hell it often goes...

If it were hell I wouldn't care..
I know the place, I know it very well...
It can't contain my soul..
when I am loving you so...
If you could just understand
what it is to be Alone Again....

(Incomplete August, 2007)