Saturday, March 15, 2008

Computer Runofmuck,Written by Tannie.

Here's a thought! I was just thinking about what would happen to my journal or blog ,everything that is written down in a blog or a journal apon the event of my death.Well everything that is not stored on my computer is stored on the internet. You can never erase infomation on the internet because they have backups and so forth.Even if you could get rid of some of the sites infomation about you it will not take care of all of it... even if you took your computer to the incinuator and burned it, the information would still be there....People say just reformat and partition but that only takes care of the "hard drive" on your computer not what is stored on the internet.There should be a clause in "TOS" that says in the event of death that the beneficiary of the wills may removed such infomation with the correct proceedures on how to. Information that you blog doesnt belong to the site but to the person indiviually.Can be used since it is not copyrighted all rights may be ignored.Do you know what I am talking about???Does this scare you??Do you care? If you have information how to handle a runofmuck situation like this contact me at Thanks Tannie.