Friday, September 12, 2008


Hurricane IKE is coming inland on Saturday morning and all I can do is not enough to be prepared for this rainy too is included under"Anything under the sun" and I hope to take some pics of it when it come through to show all of you what its about.Although I may not be able to get pics from the southern parts like Galveston and so forth I can only speak for my area and that being County Texas. We weren't even given an evacuations cause no one thinks its gonna be needed since we are inland and not in Harris County or Brazoria County or Matagorda Bay.I will update this blog page as frequently as I can, provided that the power isn't knocked out or I am not the mean time if you have a hankering to wanta help us through all this mess please say a prayer to God that we all come out of this alive and well.We will appreciate it. So thank you guys for reading my blog and may God also bless you too. Sincerely, Texastannie

Well here is a video that says, not just Mexico Border is effected by immigration laws but check points

If you are a USA citizen you might find comfort in knowing our law enforcement is hard at work but instead you become defensive about coming...