Saturday, September 20, 2008

Aftermath Of Hurricane Ike

It was Saturday morning at 4:40 am when the lights went out on a 300 unit apt. complex. We had went through several warnings about other hurricanes but non of them panned out.The management issued their own flyer urging the tenants to seek shelter and or volunteer to evacuate the premises.Still many lingered on to ride the storm out, not knowing what exactly to expect, hoping for the best. Not long after the lights went out the rain began to pour and just outside my window(which was half open) I began to hear pops and cracks and thuds. Some were also commenting on the same thing as we all met in the hallways that were partially lit by our generators. For two days(saturday and sunday) no one was available from the mangement to hear our griefs and complaints. Even though it was clear that someone was in the office.By the many cars parked in the driveway. We could see that there were lights and so forth in the office area however; we were unsure why they had electricity and we didnot. See there are two very large generators on the property and all we had was a few hall lights no emergency electrical outlets were available, also see that we as tenants are disabled , handicapped and seniors. And that some poeple are on Oxygen and needed the help of these Emergency electrical outlets.Anyway as the time went by we didn't even have the lights provided by the generators for some one shut the generator down and we were forced to sit in a pitch black apt. save our candles and flashlights.For three to four days this went on.
Then On Monday the clean up began
Fema(we thank you) came and brought us bottled water and then Fellowship of The Woodlands (thanks) brought us MRE dinners and Ice and RedCross(Thank you) brought us hot meals for two days in a row.
Management went around apt. by apt. and cleaned out all the food in peoples apt.'s that were not at home so it wouldn't soil or ruin their refridgerators.Everyone was totally exausted by this time, and yet we have to start all over with stocking food.
As soon as we all thought was all over that were back on schedule the lights randomly went off again Friday night at 11:30pm and didn't come back on till the following day at about noon.
I have taken some pictures of the damage sustained in my building only as we had most of the damages.Some of the trees were alying in such a way that it seemed all it need was one small push and they would have came tumbling down into the apt.'s windows.Some said they think that it was or might have been a twisted that touched down here at this building.
I really must make a statement here,"That I beleive God had his hand on us and was protecting us from these trees and I really think we are truely blessed."
I want to thank all our friends and relatives for helping out and for the great BBQ on Saturday that allowed to cook our meats and things before they spoiled.
And I am thankful for the roof over our heads that provided shelter from the storm.
I also want to thank you and I want to Bless you for all your thoughts and prayers.
So God Bless each of you and Keep you safe in the eye of a storm.
With the Utmost Consideration,