Monday, November 16, 2009

endless cycels-dating and breakups

B/f dumped me not so long ago...hadn't seen him and a year has passed since then...Have you ever felt rejected? Unlovable? Lonely? I know that feeling....I kinda wish My B/f would have not done that but its done now. All I would have to do is let him back into my life,,,but it's really time to move on. Especially since he could care less about me and wants more love from other women .That hurt really bad.I won't say his name but he knows who he is. He won't even talk to me anymore and that's also very sad. Said we were friends 4/ever and see how he does his friends? FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS! I totally lost it after that....since I didn't see where at all I was benefiting from this.But I kinda feel that he put something into the friendship we had...he tried...I guess I was the one out of reach.He just gives up too damn easy...he should have went for the Gold! next time maybe he will.11-08-09 12:37am

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