Friday, April 09, 2010

For People Who Have Serious Problems With Their Hair

My name is Tannie and I was a student cosmetologist for a while my Aunt was a beautician for many years. I am writting about hair today cause alot of people don't know how to address serious problems. I have been doing research and testing solutions on my own hair. And I would like to share my point of view.
First Step: it's not just one thing that makes your hair fall out, over a period of time your hair and mine have many stress factors. I think that the first thing to do is make sure that you dont have a surface problem, such as psoriasis, dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis, make sure you scalp and hair isnot infestated with microscopic bugs such as lice and bedbugs. This treatment is aggressive but effective for these types of problems. First make sure you use fresh linens on your bed, change once a week. Make sure you have New Pillows with dust mite control slip covers. Second make sure that your scalp doesn't have any of these. I recommend 1 bottle of T/Gel shampoo, and 1 bottel of lice shampoo, mix together 50/50 in a large squeeze bottle. Apply to hair dry leave on 15 minutes then wet work into a lather and rinse well. Do this three times a week. Til all the shampoo is gone.Apply you favorite conditioners.
Wash up all your linens in hot hot water using strong detergent, clorox if possible, or clorox 2.
Second step: Start on the inside, the inside of your body can hender your hair to grow. Make sure you don't have any thyroid problems if so get medications and take them. Also make sure your hair has the proper amounts of vitamins and minerals and other nutriants. Make sure your digestive tract works properly, diet is the key here.
Some nutriants that was mentioned in my research for perfect hair was"Pinebark extract" and things that lower the bad testosterone in your body,(Yes, Ladies ! Women have testosterone too.) A proper diet, with abundances in vegtables and fruits, lots of water, no sugars and carbohydrates can boost not only your hair growth but your immune system. I reccomend
Vitamin b's, Vitamin D, Magnesium, Probiotics, WHole system cleansing, Multi's, and Pine bark extracts. Lots of fibers.Wheat germ,seeds,whole leaf spinach, lots of rubbage.
Third but not least: Shampoos and kits.
Pantene is really nice on your hair, Silkience, and Infusium23, and also "OOKISA" shampoo at least every other day. Hot oil, and cholestoral packs,and also a 20/80 mixture of Seabreeze application to the problem areas for a cool and invigorating astringent to open pores so hair can break through.Sometimes pores can clog preventing the hair growth.
Beer treaments are ok, like wash hair in a can of beer...and natural kitchen remedies like using mayonaise to saturate the hair. This list could go on and on...cause different strokes for different folks. What works for some may not work for others so be creative and chooze your weapons.
These idea's are at least a little better than paying for expensive hair replacements, and yes even the monthly rogain treatments that you have to continue to use every day or the hair falls out. GIve these idea's a try and see if it doesn't at least make you feel better cause you took the time to question why your hair falls out, and how to treat it. I am gonna continue to do my research on the hair as well and will bring you the updates as soon as they are confirmed as a possibility to an pestering hair problem.

I am Tannie And this is my blog for today.

04/11/2010 Another thing, when you go to sleep try to wear some kind of cap that will stay on and keep hair from tangles at night, don't wear a cap during the day or sunscreen it will benefit the absorbsion of vitamin d. Avoid hair extentions and tights braids or ponytails. Do enjoy wearing loose buns or tie backs while sleeping.
Don't brush hair while wet, wait till the hair dries then comb or brush with a vent brush and a good product for tangles is "No MOre tears" by Johnson and Johnson.Some people

believe that brushing hair 100 strokes a day will inhibit the growth of new hair.I say brush as much as you like to avoid tangles through out the day.

One thing that will cause your hair to break and split is hair color, if you use hair color try the foils versus the over the counter complete coverage hair colors, and when doing touch ups try to only saturate as much as needs to be touched up and work through in the last five to ten minutes of coloring. Caps with frosting kits can break hair when pulling through frosting kits caps. The treatment is very caustic chemicals and will eventually if not immediately cause damage to the hair.

When coloring apply a preconditioning conditioner that you leave in prior to coloring hair...that means add the conditoner and then the color...something like 3 minutes miricle intense conditioning, then apply the color over that. Same with permanent waves and bodywaves. A good permanent wave kit would be one from your local beauty supply store with apple Pectin.

Never never use a home perm and then a hair color.This can cause serious burns to the hair shaft and follicle not to mention the hair itself.Once damage is done to the follicle and the pore it may never regrow hair again. Just some tips to help you along your way to a more beautiful/handsome you...Nowadays men are very interested in hair coloring and cuts and waves and all sorts of beauty treatments. as well they don't have to be gay/homosexual to want to color.Sometimes men hair can be as tricky or more tricky than womens hair.

Well this is all for now, I will add more to this blog as I get the informations together. Have a good hair day!!



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