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Today I celebrate 10 Years of Being Hospital Free.

(I didn't want to post this and I still don't want to post this, I wish I could convey my thoughts without penalty or purgery, without posting this. Maybe you already know what's in the back of my mind..and maybe you will see I don't want to cause any problems or pain for anyone..including myself. For thoughs of you who may feel offended I apologies in advance and ask for you not to be so critical.Thanks.)

It's only fitting to write a blog entry on the whole spectrum of living with Schizo-affective disorder, since I have personally been diagnosed with that disease. My illness started for me in full bloom in 1982. It was the worse it has ever been or ever will be. Spurred by the birth of my first born child my illness has changed over the years. From A to Z. It started with manic depressive,with hormonal changes all the way to Schizophrenia. I have tried many medications and we'll start with Lithium bicarbonate. Lithium Bicarbonate was an experimental drug new ou…