Friday, July 02, 2010


Last month I started a home correspondence class in computer programming, I find that this is something that I can do easily. At this time I am on my third module and I have an 89% average. If I maintain an average of 90% by the end of my seventh module I will get a Diploma of highest honors. So I am excited to see how that works out. There at two avenues I can take after the graduation, one to become a entrepreneur , or two work for another company that utilizes these skills. On the average a computer programmer makes about 22.00 an hour to begin with. Even though I am disabled , I think that I might be able to break into this field rather easily. I am creative, a fast learner, hard working, and love what I do. I still have maybe 20 years till I would retire normally. So that is some money that I can make realistically. It's gonna be all work and no play and save save save....
If you have any suggestions for job employment, or work for me then do not fail to ask.
Thank You,
Have nice day.

Well here is a video that says, not just Mexico Border is effected by immigration laws but check points

If you are a USA citizen you might find comfort in knowing our law enforcement is hard at work but instead you become defensive about coming...