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The Breath Of Life By Tannie Gwin

Okay From Genesis to John in the Holy Bible It speaks of the word of God became flesh and light and darkness could not comprehend it, and to verify this fact all people have breaths. Not all who have a "Breath Of Life" have identical breaths.Some may be mute, but still have a breath.Bird and bee's are an example of the way people share the breath of Life, Hence"kissing".Another way the breath of Life is being used is by smoking. Smoking alters the breath of life.Though some traditions say smoking is holy as well the ash.
People have a tendency to question the breath of life.
Where did it come from?
Why is it important?
Can I get a breath of life?
Can I buy it at the store?
Can a breath of life be stolen?
What exactly does a breath of life do?
Can it be manipulated?
Can it be controlled?
Where does it go when one person passes from this life?
How is it that the second amendment protects this write?
Why do Catholics take vows of silence?
Does writing or computer inputs …