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what if the world changed? by Tannie Gwin on Saturday, August 21, 2010 at 10:43pm What if the world changed? what if people became better people? What if they became exactly what we all shoud be? what if....What would you like to see change?But if the world was left to run its course offering up it's resourses...and gave you everything you ever wanted ....what if we could metamorphus into something more acceptable? Something more pleasing...something more honorable? Would you let us live? Would you let us try...would you give us one more day? would you?THen again what if you decided to stop evolution and the world warped on it axis...and the gravitational pull no longer existed...what if the suns rays burned to the crisp? The Ozone disappeared? Would you want to still live in this Universe?When Christopher Columbus discovered that the world was indeed round....despite the fact that he knew nothing of outter space. Are we also niave to beleive as well that there is no …


Texas legal consential age by Tannie Gwin on Tuesday, October 5, 2010 at 5:15pm If for alcohol and firearms age of consent is 21, then how come tobacco consenting age is 18? And if all the above is true? Then what I ask is the legal consenting age for a romantic relationship? Legal consenting age should be set at a fixed number and should reflect that age all across the board.Reflecting business transactions, apartment rentals, clubbing, voting, this can be misconstrued and people will follow.These laws came in effect in 1982 if I am correct in my memory.I don't think people want to follow the legal ages to begin with and even if they did it would still be a very conflicting argument.Can you see what you have done to the minor children? You should think very hard on this subject and decide for yourself what you would want to have as a consenting age for all the above...Give me a break please.Thank you, Texas Attorney General. Are you messed up or what?


VIGILS ARE COMING UP ALL OVER TOWN!! by Tannie Gwin on Tuesday, October 5, 2010 at 5:26pm Vigilante's ARE AGAINST THE LAW!!!I can't believe you are holding vigil's ....perhaps its not really a vigil...perhaps its just and outrage and protest? A peaceable assembly. Protected by the constitutional rights. Second amendment.But If you are vigil's then perhaps there is more to that picture than what has been said.YOU SURE YOU WANT TO GO THERE?


EditWHEN WOMEN FIGHT NOTHING GETS DONE! by Tannie Gwin on Wednesday, October 6, 2010 at 11:43am Well when you do your Q&A immigration laws You have to look back to the time when slavery was abolished to get a good grip on what when where and how and why...It really doesn't matter what kind of employee you hire as far as race goes. Only that you treat them fairly.Illegal immigrants. However; Immigrant from Mexico without citizenship(temporary or not) doesn't have a legal right to work in the US. And for that you have to look at the Tex VS Mex war.When Texas became The Republic. Yes, we have been through this before. However; there is a lot to think about when you hire someone from Mexico or other Foreigner Countries. That is where the real laws are!! Please do not get confused There is yet another war to refer to and that is the Rebels and the Yanks war. With Custard.If all else fails return back to your roots.HISTORY IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN ANY GIVEN SUBJECT REGA…

You are what you eat

I heard this saying a long time ago,"YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT". However, I began to think about it in great details and done some research into the subject. Visiting a town that does a lot of food preparations and watching movies. Going to the super market and trying foods. There is big controversy about the meat on the menu.
Well..I don't know if you are following all this hype but I believe that it is worth thinking about and making notes.

#1 Chicken- According to the movie Food Inc. chicken is being loaded with steroids and antibiotics , and salt injections. Instead of allowing the bird to fully mature at 90 days it is now being harvested at a younger age of approximately 38 days. Due to the steroids and antibiotics they mature faster with larger white meat, however the sad problem is that they are kept in a dark room never see the light of day and cannot walk and suffer organ failure. If you see black around the bone of the thighs and leg quarters when cooked this is a s…