Tuesday, November 23, 2010

On this day...I awake!

How long have you set outside my door? with your reads in hand...in the ole mission chair, thinking about me and loving me...and crying for me? while i lay entranced induced catatonically in my bed not wanting to face the truth? waiting for me to come to my senses... let you in..and accept the facts?

You have been so faithful and true to my love. but I cannot bring myself to change.Is it impossible for me..each step antagoistic ,with dread, as I toil with thoughts of you in my head...

Many times, I came so close...and I want to know you who has been so true. For I have developed a deep sence of appreciation and longing for you...and I still cannot open the door to my heart.For fear you will leave.
and I need you so much ....so so much.....
and because you love me.
and I you.

Monday, November 22, 2010


Hi hope you all are having a good day and great life. Time Flies by so quickly and we forget to stay in touch with our loved ones and friends.So this is just making things a little easier. Before you know it life is swept away and all we are left with is our memories. Depression can last for years.In the event that you have come to realize that the time has come and that you have miss the time that you could have shared with you friends and loved ones don't dispare .Know that the "All Knowing God" has planned it out for you that way.You don't have to be alone anymore. God is with you and your loved ones are with God.You have a direct line to communicate with those you love through Christ Jesus. In the mean time while you are making decisions, decide to come in tune with yourself and your emotions. Allow the music to take you to the place where you can mourn your losses. For mourning refines the soul.God Knows your every weakness and your every need. Let him control your life.You'll be all the better soon.Love and kisses from your friend and loved ones. Now take care and go with God.