Friday, September 30, 2011

Who Posesses The Ability to Approve Astra Zeneca's Market of Propofol


Vote Yes for Propofol and related medications CORAD MURRAY  innocents of Charges, vote no for Michaels Untimely Death and the future Use Of Propofol and Astra Zeneca's and conviction of Dr. Conrad Murray and all other Doctors who prescribe Astra Zeneca medications.
All Funds to benefit patients who have been taking the AStra Zeneca Medications and to be funded, or allow Astra Zeneca to continue to disperse patients with drugs. CAST YOUR VOTES.
Te reason he got the job was because of his credentials, the reason Michael Jason died was Dr. Conrad didn't want to be his physician anymore.Very personal reasons.
Hypethetically scenario:He has other litigations that he needs to answer to. Which will not be addresses.Or will pan out into the hands of someone else because the ltiigant was stripped of their rights to enter into a legal litigation and the person will die because they have no rights to protect themselves.Without bending the law. The laws do not protect these people who were financially unable to provide due to poverty.
IF YOU EVEN TOUCH THIS MAN HE WILL KILL YOU or worse incarcerate you for a long long time. Also, it is a Pen for catching anyone who falls to his trap.

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