Check this out! IMPORTANT INFO. Read.

Now this may sound gross and grotesque I know some people frown on things that they don't understand ..Ei. when it a medical condition that is cosmetic, sometime just a mere hygienic problem, One that is running rampant in  some area' won't say.
Looks like we have something on the rise. Comes from kitty cats...and locker rooms and Jacuzzi.. didn't bother me greatly ...but I found this could be from a equine illness like animals.

If you see scaly patchy scalps and inflamed circles, scratching and itching... No "hand shake".. way too cool for you.. celavie...adios....or prepare to fork out some massive bucks .

Here is a suggestion for you.... buy this at the local ...feed store online preferably....Called," Chlorhexadine Solution 2%". Buy a gallon and shampoo your carpets.wash your clothes in it, bath in it... feed you plants with it. The leaves just love it.  Shampoo your critters all of them they will love you for it too.

Is not that expensive for a gallon.

It's recommended intention is for horse stalls.

If you get this happening to you then get your Doctor to prescribe "Grifulvin V". Take really good care of you. and fix you right up.
If it persist contact me at my email address:

Oral solution may be a little different do not ingest this stuff.

Pyrantel Pamoate Paste "STRONGID PASTE"   3.6grams over a few weeks, according to weight measurement.
This is a secret so only tell people that you suspect of having being ill like this. and take only at your own disgression as I assume no responsibility for your actions, or the outcome if taken improperly. Do not over do will be very sick.

I love my family!!
Even If it is a rainbow!!11.21.2011