Saturday, January 22, 2011

My Personal Experience in Computer Awareness 01.22.2011

I started on computers when I was in my twenties(1987), when I purchased a (radio Shack)Tandy TRS Model III computer from a local high school. The computer had no windows or other programs at all. No hard drive or back up system. From there  researched my local libraries for computer programming apps. and a tape drive and began writing my first program. Which was very simple in nature. First thing is I taught the computer to count from 10-1 and then shut down they computer automatically. The next thing I done was created a very simple address book.It was fun learning about these computers and programming was simple.
After that I came across a company called VIDEOTEL(and that is when the program Prodigy was being displayed in the Mall, we all know now that "prodigy" later became SBC. and then onto ATT. of which I had a subscription to all three at one point and time.) who had their own computers compact and had some programming for chats , and a game that was similar to Role playing and hide and seek. This company went out of business.And I threw away the Tandy( but I took the memory chips out of it,which were the size of a 1/2 of a matchbook) and didn't pick up another computer until around 2001. I saw an ad in the green sheet that said,"Computers for sale, as low as $49.00. I got dial up for the first time.And I mean I tore that computer to hell and back looking and messing with the system(I am very far behind in technology and equipment) ..was an IBM.What I realized was that I needed more so I traded that one in for a Compaq for an additional cost of $99.00. Which had Windows 98.(a Operating system that is no longer supported by it's manufacturer Microsoft)
Well as time progressed(technology screamed out of control) I just began to add one piece after another and with the help of a friend , I was able to purchase a far better computer  which was an AMD from a Company called Neobox (However every year the technology advances leaving me and others with what threatens to be a dinosaurs).Here I sit with the best computer I have ever had.(and still way behind in technology) things progressed and I became more knowledgeable I invested in other computer products/electronics . Continued to read and mess with computers and to date invested in a home correspondence course for computer programming.(Have had to abandon that idea lack of funds but have an 87 percent average in my EDU.) I also volunteer  in my community to help others seniors and disabled people with their computers.( People who have medical problems have become the idea target for computer technology because they can utilize its expertise in medical needs and home care also Hospice care .)Although that is not going as well as had hoped. Seems to me they don't like the fact that I am not experienced enough.(You might think with all this under my hat that I probably won't succeed in nothing, perhaps you may be even frightened that I may become or will become some type of hacker, and that couldn't be further from the truth.)     I do plan however to continue to study computers and everything about computers, to building my own and programming my own, using a popular but free open source Operating system call Linux. I have a lot of irons in the fire and I am going to continue. However, this has become very expensive and I am disabled and live on a fixed low income. I need a backer to help me succeed. Since at this rate of income it is progressing but is moving ahead at a slow pace(Time is very important and crucial) and I am in jeopardy of having to abandon my idea's pending further financial assistance.
If I were able to get a job relatively speaking in a company that would pay for my education while performing mundane task(at a low rate of pay) with a promise that I would continue on with the company,(or not) would be ideal for me.
The future is bright and clear I know what I want and I am going for it! I hope that people can continue to benefit from my education especially my community and seniors/disabled.
All in a nut shell. Hope you will feel confident in knowing that I can and will continue to offer voluntary services to any person who need me.

Thanks for your time. Have a great day and God Bless You All.

 to the TANDY TRS MODLE III model 80...a radioshack knock off. OH IT IS A BRILLIANT MACHINE I GIVE YOU THAT....but comsumers beware! FIRST YOU HAVE TO ENSURE it is NOT A copyright infringement, and a possible future recall. BUT I LOVE THAT  NICE WORK GUYS!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011




I know no one is following me on this page or so it appears to be, and it kinda makes me feel all alone in my thoughts. I know this is a misconception..but I would like t know who visits me here.
Here is a benefitt to following me; you get to know me and you get to here the latest places and things I have been doing and it doesn't bother me in the least. Would like to know so tell me.Otherwise I might just end this blog for good, as  have tried to do one a few occasions.
I know it sucks this page because everything I have been doing everyone else has been doing too on their blog and it seems to be very mundane. I assure you it's not.
I am not embarrassed or ashamed of my blog and you shouldn't be either but since I have looked around blog spot I know there are a lot of other types of web blogs that are a little more saucy, cheesy,sexy, and more over. So Big FUCKING WHAT!!
Look if you like them fine but I wont stoop to their levels (as if I could) so keep trucking on when you see this page..I don't care, I have alot of friends else where. and your not gonna hurt my feelings just cause you don't care for my blog. OK?
But anyone who is anyone that cares or likes  me will be here at one point time or the other.And I really hope you like it!
So enjoy free range and hit me up and let me know, you like my page and I will try to invent more of the same. Maybe we can even start a repoire and toss some words around and see if there is any chemistry.
I am single, so later on people have great day!

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