Sunday, May 29, 2011

About Face..Forward March...

Just because you are a majority population of popular idea's and lenghthy rules doesn't mean everyone on the face of the planet will bow down and follow you , there are differences..but some are exceptional changes and directions in which few will follow. Change is hard to come by for one individual , how can you expect 6 billion to stop on a dime and do an about face? No way humanly possible....but I do hear that gental persuasion works.

Some changes are exquisit...and should be revered.

And Tannie Says: Nutrition is to health..what rigamortis is to  death.

Tannie Says: Life is all about having experiences, trying things, and learning from it. Moving on to the next phase of life. It is very important to have first hand knowledge and to know what you are talking about. Gives others the opportunity to also learn from your experiences. Change of a humans character is one of the most difficult things to ask of a person and have them do it for you is near impossible, don't ask people to change. Don't expect it. ( And Mental health experts know that and even so thrust it upon thier clients, knowing full well what the results are going to be and reciprocate that one way or another into a diagnosis)

If you got into a relationship thinking.. well I don't like this about this person and maybe down the line somewhere I can make them change is a mere speculation. Chances are greater that they put up a resistance to the request rather than submit to change, a person thrives on normalicy. And can be and have been pretty much habitual in most things. Most require a Schedule. And some believe that is key to making changes.It has been so in the Careers of many.

So what I am saying is, health and nutrition Is an"Impowering Horse" to change. As rigmortis is to death, so is nutrition to LIFE..

Basically, we all want change to happen. This is what I want from you. This is what you can expect from me. And as one hand washes the other...I expect to see small but gradual changes, for the good of all. If that is fair to presume.

OKay well, I am loosing my train of thought, but I think I have said this,"WELL" enough for you to get a grasp.

Be healthy be happy and live, life fruitfully.

Thanks For being a friend.

May 29th 2011 10:55am




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