Saturday, July 30, 2011


This is My great great Grand Mothers Grave From The date you can see how long of a root history we have and this is not all of it. There are more.
I went to see my grandmother who was gravely ill, and wound up shackled and handcuffed and taken the  J.U.Hospital, while she died. They would not let me stay with her and made me feel very unwelcome.Then left me there in a convalescent  home. Till I gathered up enough funds to come home.My grandmother passed away on Martin Luther Kings birthday 2000.Thank God I was able to attend, but I am not going to anymore funerals. That's It I quit!!
Came back to Houston February 2000 With the help of my sister, and we got a place there in Liberty.
Liberty Texas       
till an apartment became available at T.P.P. where I currently reside.

The Bridge Over troubled Waters, Written BY Tannie

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