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Mr. Yuk is a slogan used to warn children of bad medicine

Poison Control Center CLICK LINK

NO little green men for you!! THANK YOU.

Deeper truths

Your gonna lOve this!!

This Is the all In one absolutely the one I want!! lol...I want this in a server..touch screenwith windows latest an linux. Beeeauuutifull.. and you wonder how someone can see beauty in a piece of machinery? Make it with gold circiutry, and loaded with Prince Charles favorite games. I think chess would be one. He also has a War game but im not sure what it is...  But this is the rave of the day..I wouldn't say it is Approved by your local religious group. I can see where this is heading I can see a pretty good view of the future. Well might let this one take me there. How bout you what are you gonna let take you into the future... TIMES A WASTING TICK TOCK GIVE IT TO PRINCE CHARLES AS a favor gift...From Texas. Now they tell me he has one? DOES HE?



Being Prepared From One Extreme to the Next