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One hand clapping,  
All are signs, of possible dangers. Come with consequences when used against a person who is not able to protector defend  themselves.. And people who use it without a license to gain monetary values, or goods,or boot or loot,or power is nothing more than a thief. A common lewd thief.a beggar.
This Is a practice that is best utilized in a controlled setting, by a licensed Psychologist.It is also use for hypnosis.
Carries  a simple charge Of Violation of the rights of the people to be safe in their persona place and property. 
and I hear they are performing exorcism even today.




Which talks about this is part, mixed signals have been signs of distress ...and more. The lack of mixed signals and people interpret things a different way when In distress.
I have overheard one time a person talking to someone about some kind of party or something, and the other person said if you get into a troubling situation just throw off some mixed signals and run away. Talking about people. But mixed signals work differently with animals. THis is alo a means of which people lie to another person.

So you can see why a innocent smile may be misinterpreted as a sexual advance.

haven't yet decided if mixed signals are good or bad.


Germ is an informal term for a pathogen, particularly bacteria (as in germ warfare).

SNIP FROM One of the first people to postulate that some diseases were caused by the presence of some kind of very small 'seed' (the original meaning of 'germ') that germinated or multiplied in the body to produce the disease was Ignaz Semmelweis, a Hungarian doctor, practising in an obstetrics ward in the 1840s. He noticed that the death rate of the impoverished women attended by the nurse midwives was many times less than that of the wealthier women attended by the doctors. His observations led him to conclude that it was a matter of cleanliness.

My Notes: It is my belief that germs are the reason why bacteria and Virus's grown and become full blown Illness's. Sometimes if you manage your household and try to keep it clean and disinfected you can prevent many illness's.
Keeping you body clean can also prevent these illnesses.

However there is a person who once told me that being too clean can also make one sick. That people need bacteria for certain reasons.

For instance Probiotics use to control gut floral. If you house is clean and sanitized and you don't over do it then good bacteria can grow. And antibiotics can cause you to loose some of these good bacteria's, causing Candida to grow which is a fungus. However Fungus is also a germ..which indicates that the Illness has returned back to its former state which is a germ has returned back to it former state.

As a cosmetologist student I learned the different types of bacteria. I am not an expert.

As a concerned individual I have been looking for way to keep my environment clean and how to threat common every day illnesses. Like colds, and flu, fungus and mold.

If your body stay reasonably clean with no illnesses like STD's, and you keep current on vaccines get your nutritional needs met and exercise daily that you can live to be 100 years old.

So in addition to this I am gonna tell you about Ultraviolet Lights, You see them in tanning beds, incubators, you see them in hospitals, you see them everywhere. At first I thought they were just reg. lights.but NO!

There are special lights called UVA, UVB, UVC,..

Let's start with B UV,
Be is for the synthesis of bone and calcium, it is what a reptile needs to be healthy in his glass enclosure if he is not able to bask in the sun. For bed ridden people and children of rickets. It is what helps you to release vitamins D.

C UV is for germicide to fight the bad things off before you put them into your mouth, and use them on your skin.


It is in Our Best interest to read this : From the Wikipedia,

There are many ways to combat illness today!  
We can do it!
Let's live forever and a day!!!

P.s Here are a couple of links to find these spcialized bulbs:


Find the right bulb for your socket


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Be a Connoisseur Tasting The Nectar of God's Garden

Bitters have been around for a very long try this to make you feel better. 
Always looking for something to make "US" feel better....

Give it a whirl!

You know your product isn't the only one in the world...there are some really great remedies out there.

If you keep moving you can find some great and beneficial finds, some that may be as precious as fine gold or silver.

Be brave ...Be careful!
Lots Of love..
Let's Live Forever and a  Day!!!

Has it ever dawned on you?

Sensory deprivation or perceptual isolation[1] is the deliberate reduction or removal of stimuli from one or more of the senses. Simple devices such as blindfolds or hoods and earmuffs can cut off sight and hearing respectively, while more complex devices can also cut off the sense of smell, touch, taste, thermoception (heat-sense), and 'gravity'. Sensory deprivation has been used in various alternative medicines and in psychological experiments (e.g., see isolation tank).
Short-term sessions of sensory deprivation are described as relaxing and conducive to meditation; however, extended or forced sensory deprivation can result in extreme anxietyhallucinations,[2] bizarre thoughts, and depression.[3]

How To Take Your Bitters

Bitters extract well into hot water and alcohol. Bitters may be combined with flavorful herbs such as Licorice, Orange peel, Lemon peel, Cardomen to give a better tasting remedy. Some bitters are destroyed by heat and most bitters are taken in alcohol preparations.
To gain their full effectiveness bitters should be taken over time. Some effect may be seen immediately, but their fullest benefit in the body is achieved when they are taken over weeks and months. Bitters are usually taken 15 to 30 minutes before the meal or just after the meal. If too great a dose is taken symptoms may worsen. If that is the case lower the dose and gradually build up as the body gets stronger.

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Sound As A Weapon

First brought to my attention by a band called "Disturbed", was a title track of his album. Also membering about a cell phone ring that only certain kids of a certain age could hear not parents. Has something to do with the different sound ranges of hearing of adults and children.

I wasn't interested in this till I was thirteen(STORY OF A DIFFERENT KIND)
Here is the first a paragraph of the WIKIPEDIA.

Sonic and ultrasonic weapons (USW) are weapons of various types that use sound to injure, incapacitate, or kill an opponent. Some sonic weapons are currently in limited use or in research and development by military and police forces. Others exist only in the realm of science fiction. Some of these weapons have been described as sonic bullets, sonic grenades, sonic mines, or sonic cannons. Some make a focused beam of sound or ultrasound; some make an area field of sound. Although many real sonic and ultrasonic weapons are described as "non-lethal", they can still kill under certain conditions.

From Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales




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Recipe For Liver An Onion

One Slice deviened liver slice (package of four at HEB @ 3.57)
 1/2 medium sweet onion,
 two tablespoons of Parkey Margarine
1-2 caps of lemon juice
garlic powder
Onion powder
black pepper
Lawry's season salt
red pepper (optional)
soy sauce
1 Tablespoon of self rising flour

Heat non stick skillet on medium high heat
add butter let melt
then add onion and saute  them till light brown and translucent
add liver slice frozen from fridge
Let sear add all the spices to taste
flip when a little juice comes to the top of the steak
add more seasoning to steak
cover and let cook on a medium heat

when the steak is tender and done remove from pan

add one cup of water to pan
add about two table spoons of soy sauce
bring to boil
lower heat to low
sprinkle flour and blend to non apparent consistency

One serving of Liver and onions and gravy

Some like their gravy over bread
some like their liver over rice

whatever you like

NOTE: This will make your skin feel so soft and you will fell so much better.
Combine with you daily regiment of vitamins and minerals and don't forget to get your aloe Vera juice. 
For First time it may take a bit to get use to but you can and it is the best steak in The world today.  

Lot of Love   

P.s. Has anyone ever tried to BBQ Liver?? or BEEF JERKY liver?
I am gonna try that will let you know that goes...K...

Deadly Poisons of Our Locality 3

Make sure you don't get into the poison ivy around and about it can be very distressful.

Add 1 c. Oatmeal
2 c. milk
1/4 c. honey
2T. aloe Vera juice
to a nice warm bath and soak

If itching still occurs buy some caladrlye and benedryle  can also stop the symptom .{keyword}

Ale Vera Juice From Cactus:,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_cp.,cf.osb&ion=1&biw=1680&bih=903&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=shop&cid=975502788067033750&sa=X&ei=6S7PTvX3EKPo2AXu4PS1Dw&ved=0CMkBEPMCMAQ

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Artist:Casting Crowns
Album:The Altar and the Door
Title:East to West

Here I am, Lord, and I'm drowning in your sea of forgetfulness
The chains of yesterday surround me
I yearn for peace and rest
I don't want to end up where You found me
And it echoes in my mind, keeps me awake tonight
I know You've cast my sin as far as the east is from the west
And I stand before You now as though I've never sinned
But today I feel like I'm just one mistake away from You leaving me this way

Jesus, can You show me just how far the east is from the west
'cause I can't bear to see the man I've been come rising up in me again
In the arms of Your mercy I find rest
'cause You know just how far the east is from the west
From one scarred hand to the other

I start the day, the war begins, endless reminding of my sin
Time and time again Your truth is drowned out by the storm I'm in
Today I feel like I'm just one mistake away from You leaving me this way

I know You've washed me white, turned my darkness into light
I need Your peace to get me through, to get me through this night
I can't live by what I feel, but by the truth Your word reveals
I'm not holding on to You, but You're holding on to me
You're holding on to me

Jesus, You know just how far the east is from the west
I don't have to see the man I've been come rising up in me again
In the arms of Your mercy I find rest
'cause You know just how far the east is from the west
From one scarred hand to the other
One scarred hand to the other
From one scarred hand to the other


waiver is the voluntary relinquishment or surrender of some known right or privilege.
While a waiver is often in writing, sometimes a person's actions can act as a waiver. An example of a written waiver is a disclaimer, which becomes a waiver when accepted. Other names for waivers are exculpatory clausesreleases, or hold harmlessclauses.
Sometimes the elements of "voluntary" and "known" are established by a legal fiction. In this case, one is presumed to know one's rights and that those rights are voluntarily relinquished if not asserted at the time.
In civil procedure, certain arguments must be raised in the first objection that a party submits to the court, or else they will be deemed waived.


In the Conroe are there was a eight footer in
a garage area...about ayear or so ago.
Cotton Mouths top and copperhead bottom.

Two very deadly snakes of Texas.

SNakes Are flourishing.. I despise snakes...
Had one here in The Woodlands a copperhead ...saw him on the sidewalk he was only about a foot but he had ate a very big meal and was fat. Looked like dog poo on the sidewalk.

There have been cases of people getting bitten in this area as well.
Should were ankle boots for men and woman what ever your choice is is ok with me...but I think jeans are good and roper boots . Arizona and other dry climates fear the rattlesnakes. I am willing think these two are much ore dangerous.

Deadly poisons of our locality 2

Raw Materials
Natural ingredients—flowers, grasses, spices, fruit, wood, roots, resins, balsams, leaves, gums, and animal secretions—as well as resources like alcohol, petrochemicals, coal, and coal tars are used in the manufacture of perfumes. Some plants, such as lily of the valley, do not produce oils naturally. In fact, only about 2,000 of the 250,000 known flowering plant species contain these essential oils. Therefore, synthetic chemicals must be used to re-create the smells of non-oily substances. Synthetics also create original scents not found in nature.
Some perfume ingredients are animal products. For example, castor comes from beavers, musk from male deer, and ambergris from the sperm whale. Animal substances are often used as fixatives that enable perfume to evaporate slowly and emit odors longer. Other fixatives include coal tar, mosses, resins, or synthetic chemicals. Alcohol and sometimes water are used to dilute ingredients in perfumes. It is the ratio of alcohol to scent that determines whether the perfume is "eau de toilette" (toilet water) or cologne.
Read more: How perfume is made - material, manufacture, making, history, used, parts, industry, History, Raw Materials, The Manufacturing Process of perfume, Quality Control, The Future
HE SAID,"I DON'T KNOW WHATS HAPPENING TO ME MOMMY, THA BITCH IS DRIVING ME CRAZY",So I reach out and slapped him reall good!!!!! And he said, "WHAT WAS THAT FOR"? I imagine that is how it happened!!!"I HATE YOU MOMMY"."FOR YOUR OWN GOOD BOY!!then I went home and I cried///I ain't his mom!! Dern it!! BUt he kept his snap!!"BUT I AM HIS MOM!!" and he totally lost it on me.I AM TOTALLY HIS MOM!!!So I advised him to go get his mother freak on, and go bother some other mother.THE END: {CAUSE HE WAS HIGH ON HER PHEROMONES!! CALLING HER A BITCH AND TRYING TO BREAK DOWN  MY DOOR. THAT IS WHY HE WAS SENT HOME.}
Dyslexia is a broad term defining a learning disability that impairs a person's fluency or comprehension accuracy in being able to read,[1] and which can manifest itself as a difficulty with phonological awareness, phonological decoding, orthographic coding, auditory short-term memory, or rapid naming.[2][3] Dyslexia is separate and distinct from reading difficulties resulting from other causes, such as a non-neurological deficiency with vision or hearing, or from poor or inadequate reading instruction.[4][5] It is believed that dyslexia can affect between 5 to 10 percent of a given population although there have been no studies to indicate an accurate percentage.[6][7][8]
There are three proposed cognitive subtypes of dyslexia: auditory, visual and attentional.[7][9][10][11][12][13] Reading disabilities, or dyslexia, is the most common learning disability, although in research literature it is considered to be a receptive language-based learning disability.[14]
Accomplished adult dyslexics may be able to read with good comprehension, but they tend to read more slowly than non-dyslexics and may perform more poorly at nonsense word reading (a measure of phonological awareness) and spelling.[15] Dyslexia is not an intellectual disability, since dyslexia and IQ are not interrelated as a result of cognition developing independently.[16]
SUDDENLY< I REALIZED MYSELF I DON'T WANT NO CRITTERS IN MY HOUSE But across town a man walks into the E.R. was high on "XTASY"(FIGUERATIVELY) complaining he has critters crawling in his ear and head...but the Doctor couldn't find a thing, and sent him home tail wagging.

Hygienic Body

Hygiene is more than just taking a bath, it's putting on clean clothes, it's getting the right hair cut, its cutting your nails , it's cleaning your ears, it's no finger nail polish, it' s no jewelry, no glitz and glamour. Just plain ole clean.

If something is out of kilter its seeing to getting it back into kilter .
It's having the right "PH."  The “p” stands for potential and the “H” stands for Hydrogen.  Okay, so that makes it as clear as mud.  What is potential Hydrogen?   A scientific explanation would state that pH refers to the plant’s ability to attract hydrogen ions.  A less scientific explanation says pH is the acid/alkaline balance. 

The right outlook on life, the right amount of faith, the right amount of fun, it being prepared for whatever might come your way.

As your grandmother might have said," child put on some clean underwear you wouldn't want to be in an accident and be caught with them dirty undies on". lol...


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BLOOD RIVER,Directed By Adam Mason

Quote," There is in everyone's life a choice,a fork in the road. A path of righteousness, a path of sin.
You can  walk the path of sin a many long day, you may even begin to like it..till one day you see me coming towards you and if you do you better turn and run the other way leave the fork and take the other road, cause if we cross paths it's already to late...and I will burn you down,"
Andrew Howard



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This would make an attractive Christmas gift for any person !
especially a mother who heals , encase it in one of "Arron's" frames form THE WOODLANDS Market.. light have a keepsake that will last for years.....
With an engraved Plate from Things to Remember. At this link:
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If you want to chat I can be found on Google chat client.
To down the program here's the link:

Look up and you can also send me an email if you prefer.

Leave a message a comment or whatever...thanks have a good one...

Check this out! IMPORTANT INFO. Read.

Now this may sound gross and grotesque I know some people frown on things that they don't understand ..Ei. when it a medical condition that is cosmetic, sometime just a mere hygienic problem, One that is running rampant in  some area' won't say.
Looks like we have something on the rise. Comes from kitty cats...and locker rooms and Jacuzzi.. didn't bother me greatly ...but I found this could be from a equine illness like animals.

If you see scaly patchy scalps and inflamed circles, scratching and itching... No "hand shake".. way too cool for you.. celavie...adios....or prepare to fork out some massive bucks .

Here is a suggestion for you.... buy this at the local ...feed store online preferably....Called," Chlorhexadine Solution 2%". Buy a gallon and shampoo your carpets.wash your clothes in it, bath in it... feed you plants with it. The leaves just love it.  Shampoo your critters all of them they will love you for it too.

Is not that expensive for a gallon.

It's recommended intention is for horse stalls.

If you get this happening to you then get your Doctor to prescribe "Grifulvin V". Take really good care of you. and fix you right up.
If it persist contact me at my email address:

Oral solution may be a little different do not ingest this stuff.

Pyrantel Pamoate Paste "STRONGID PASTE"   3.6grams over a few weeks, according to weight measurement.
This is a secret so only tell people that you suspect of having being ill like this. and take only at your own disgression as I assume no responsibility for your actions, or the outcome if taken improperly. Do not over do will be very sick.

I love my family!!
Even If it is a rainbow!!11.21.2011

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how it saddens me to know the outcome of this family, and their efforts and combat with life, ever changing world.

I think we are just going to fast!
Let's slow down a bit!

Why can people Remember the good in people bury ugly past along with its memories? Memories that mars the minds of future residents of our world?

Little children, now are big grown women and men, I didn't really think that anyone made it out of this alive. Do you think they are just liars too?
I am opinionated enough to sit down and listen to the whole story and derive my own opinion.

It really make you wonder about today's generations and how they are taught to much confidence does your family have in you?

YOU ARE so beautiful to me.



TEXAS WAY@!!!!!!!!

Here's Poem I Stumbled Upon


(A Poem About the World)


Me, Myself, and I, which includes you—
one was born in the city; one was born in the country;
one was born somewhere under the sky.
And we grew up in the city; we grew up in the country;
we grew up somewhere—we knew not why.
We three, became the center of our surroundings,
of our world, of our universe. 
Nothing was more important than “I”.
Our children came first; in our job, we were immersed;
and for fun and food, we did thirst
We followed the ways of the world.
No, our possessions came first; yet for pleasures, we did thirst;
to be blunt, “in Myself” was I immersed
Seems like all came before God, including “I”.
I loved to talk, but Myself was shy;
Me just loved to find things to buy. 
We followed the ways of the world.


We lived in a mansion; we lived on the street
We were rich and had nothing to eat. 
We followed the ways of the world.
We laughed; and we cried
We were glad; and we sighed
We followed the ways of the world.
Me, Myself and I, we were joyful; and we were mad
We were good; and we were bad
We followed the ways of the world.
We had love; and we had hate
We had anger, which was great
We set our hearts on the things of this world.
We used the world; the world used us
We told the truth, and we lied
but our eyes were never satisfied. 
We followed the ways of the world.
We tried women; we tried men. 
We tried drugs; we tried sin. 
We followed the ways of the world.
We were single; we were married
We had children; and some we buried
We followed the ways of the world.
We knew what we’d done
We tried everything under the sun
We traveled all over the world.
We had grief; we had fun
We had sorrow; we had none
We followed the ways of the world.
We had a great job; we also had none
We were old; and we were young
We followed the ways of the world.
We went to the east.  We went to the west
We tried philosophies.  We tried all the best
We followed the ways of the world.
We did everything there was that was under the sun,
to get some pleasure, to get some fun.
Yet all was vanity—
As we followed the ways of this world. 
We thought no one cared.  We felt so sad
We felt rejected.  We felt so bad
We followed the ways of the world.
We were sure we were right,
certainly in our own sight.  
We liked the preaching that said—
To follow the ways of the world.


Our children grew; some prospered, some died
Our sisters passed on; we hurt and cried
They all followed the ways of the world.
Me, Myself, and I—
our mother died; our father cried
We wanted to live; we wanted to die
But we followed the ways of the world.


Then a day came that Jesus called,
but Myself had said, “No,” and “I” had stalled.  
Because we followed the ways of this world.
Me, Myself and I, and You:
we were religious, and we were hot;
but toward Jesus—we were not. 
We followed the ways of the world.
We heard God’s Word; we rejected God’s Word
We saw a great light, but we chose the night. 
We followed the ways of the world.
We had lived without Christ
In our sight, this was right
We had rejected God’s Word,
which we had heard.  God help us—
We had followed the ways of the world.


And then one day, I was struck by a car;
Myself got sick; my body was marred,
by a dog I got bit.
And I wondered about the ways of the world.
Then as the lights got dim and the darkness set in,
we looked back at our life; we considered our sin.
We had followed the ways of the world.
But we never knew life was only a test
We never considered about the rest.  
For we had followed the ways of the world. 
There is life after death?  And where would we be
We wanted to know, but we couldn’t see.  
For we had followed the ways of the world.
And then our eyes closed, and we were shocked to find
No peace ahead, no peace of mind.
Because we had followed the ways of the world.
We had the chance; life was the test
The world praised us, as we were laid to rest.  
We were faithful to the ways of the world.
The clergy proclaimed that when we had died,
we had gone to a far better place—but they lied. 
For we had followed the ways of the world.
Now, I greatly fear God, as the Bible had said
But now it’s too late; and what is ahead, I dread.
For I had followed the ways of the world.


Then came the day
that we joined the others that chose the wrong path,
that chose the wrong way.
They followed the ways of the world.
And then Me, and Myself, and I were judged
Terrified were we, as we heard God speak—
I know you not, depart from Me,
ye that work iniquity
For we had followed the ways of the world.
To the fire, we went—to eternal torment
It is for all that follow the ways of this world.
There is no pride here
Can’t you see? can’t you hear?
the weeping and gnashing of teeth?
The worms cover us; my tongue, it burns
Oh, for a sip of cool water, my tongue does yearn!
The darkness is thick, my flesh is so sick
Don’t follow the ways of the world.
So stupid was I, to reject God’s Son,
to reject His Word, so I could have fun
I followed the ways of the world.


And what will you do
When you come where I am,
and for time without end, 
you will pay for your sin.
For You also—
follow the ways of the world.
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