Hero's are humans who have pulled you fromt he wreckage of your car..
hero's are who birthed your baby on the way to the hospital in the ambulance
hero's are the one's who piclked you up on the highway after a long journey and fight with your neighbor..
hero's are people who worked ont he cures for cancers and HIV..and found them...

hero's have problems too.
Sometimes hero's must defend even when a defence isnot in thier favor.
Sometimes hero's face judges ...
and judges don't understand hero's

but There is another hero's too..

People who watch out for you day and night.

ANgels On the other hand are quite different..
angels are the words,"becareful".
angel's say dont go there...
angels warn you of  people with guns...
angels are sorely misunderstood....

They are and make up the body of Christ too!

But they are not God Or Jesus ...

The are the Host of your salvation.

Who leads you...
beware there is another angel...that will do the opposite!

Wisdom is knowing," who to and who not to listen to"..(AMY GRANT)


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