Saturday, March 10, 2012


So far the holy bible has meant a great deal, but only historically speaking.
But we have a different history than The Easterners. It may have been a POW who wrote that book.
however ;It was presented to Queen Elizabeth. Problem is USA was breeched with this plan.
And everyone is told they should read it.
His devine plan to escape his prison.became the oldest pow alive..he's living in the book.

It is possible that this literature was intended for the Child of the country and its a story book that grips the childs mind.A book that suppliments his future duties.

You have to ask yourself why in the world would we as forieners would come to USA in the first place?

If it is in fact a historical event then why are we such  having cataclysm events, reoccuring in the USA, a doubting thomas might ask.

Even scholars have ponder this bible, totally bewildered by it.

This has become a subject that most wont wnat to discuss or even follow because of its intensity and complexion. It's methodes that it was written in.

Its the interpretation that really gets you...sometimes in trouble.

I would think, that  priest or cardinal it would be nessesesary to offer political assylum.

Our world however in USA does not function so readily.Catholism is a story of historical value that cannot go unnoticed.

Education is left up to Scholars.
We are in Fact Gods Children.
Lets the good shepards lead us....but let his heart be filled with safety for his people his flock.

In fact there is a discrepancy about the congregation of the Church, and who should be the Minister of the word, and who should be the Good shepard of the people, and who should
  people of the congregation be.

If the Church and State are separate. The should The Constitution US BILL OF RIGHTS BE IGNORED for the sanctity of the Church?

Which is kinda the reason why I understood ,"the removal of the holy bible in school".
Its far too much of a burden on children and misinterpretation in inevidable and may be crucial to the welfare of the state.Children should notplay with Loaded guns sounds far fetched but the bible is sorta a loaded gun.Of information and wealth .

A childs mind can be overloaded and bogged down to the point where they develope serious affects .
We don't want to do this to our children!

When you have a leader you must follow your leader.
Your choice is to pick a leader that you trust that will be a good tutor and teach you the way that we should and might go.

"Cramming" in school is that allowed?
Is cramming allowed in Church?
Building mental intellect in a rapid pace.
Gathering information to become a godly teacher, or any other type of field work.
Well this is the result of 47 years of field work.

take care can't close....

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