Thursday, March 08, 2012

Carnal Sin and Doping Answers ,TIME TO THINK!

OKAY first you start chewing on a stick the next thing you know your drinking ampule of blood (human) ...then you just kinda graduate up fromt here next thing you know your eating whole food!!??
Thanks or no thanks to The Mexico Law passed called ALI in 1962, I had looked for the ansdwer to that problem for a long long time no one gave me ansers no one talked to one told me. I got little clues here and there from Jehovah Witnesses not convienced of thier innocense...warnings of them being an occult. I wondered How one person could contain so much information. I guess you have heard of occult rings that had satanic rituals well this is part of the ritual they use.

THis is considered in my oppiniion to be cannabalistic and I do not recocomend anyone to do this. I don't know where these persons who chew on sticks come from or where they get the sticks. If it is considered to be safe medical practice to even give whole blood products, or to even give samples for testings.

I myself do not participate in this nor do know anyone who does.

It's very sad when you think about it all, who is the victims and how far from the truth we actually maybe. The truth and the way of The Lord !

I once heard  someone tell me the way to stop something sometimes is to explose it.. and awareness is key.

It is not a legal practise as I know of, And not all evils in this world are of this practise. There are other evils of which we are familiar with.. but as time goes on we realize that the good people who a righteous and upright are really far and few between.

Don't contaminate or defile yourself and them expect the Church to wash it all away....they can tell who's who and whats could be excommunicated from your church forever because of this.
Atheist or not satanic worshipers or not some day some where you are going to need GOD . Trust me.
Not one of you not one are worthy to latch the shoes that jesus wore....
but if by chance you are victim in anyway...ask around and see if you can find help.
AN alive lost lamb is better than a dead one.

Wash your hands...dust off your feet...
Of this disgusting horrid nightmare....

Sincerely ...

Thats the Dope for tonight!


I should have killed myself a long time ago.... I just dont like it this world..and though i know I wont make it to heaven if I do... so my alternatives are slim I have time to think about them.

some would say... We as Human beings are no longer mere mortals at all....

If you have a problem you can turn to God for help....
He has ordained you by the power of christ jesus...
He has lead you out of eygypt...
And he will come again and again...
the end is near....

What I do not know is should we as Gods people allow Gods plan to move forward to the end.. or?

Here is what I think would be a good solution for people who are victim.

Visit the Consecrated grounds for safety, all graveyards are consecrated. If evil seeks after you.
remember this is a carnal evil, like times before we have encountered.

Dont just practise safe sex women ..
although it is alternative to no sex a t times.
Men remember and keep the blessed virgin safe ..clean...and in the words or god...
Child bearing is for in times when there needs to be children..

But it doesnt mean you have to terminate just because you dont want one.
Back to the storm get control over your life. The flesh is weak.

If I am weak! He is strong,(GOD)

When on consecrated ground you may find your mond plays many tricks on you...the longer you can withstand...God takes control. You never know who's life you may save might even be your own.

I know I am not perfect, But christ in me is!

Some people amy think this is a crime worthy of death.. and yes it would make you want to vendicate...
remember anyone who harms a cursed man will pay seven fold for his crime.
OK ok ... I could talk longer but I am going to sleep... goodnight people have a great life!!

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