Sunday, April 22, 2012

UPDATED:Is it a nightmare, Clairvoyance...Into the future? Or a calculated guess?

Can you tell the past from the present?
tune your psyche to this.....
That is four children Missing,or exploited,in this region,Within the last 6 months.

Woman from Virginia....
watching ...waiting...listening...
when will you ever tell the truth?
come forward , whoever you are!

Referencing another murder suicide also involving another Virginia woman,....
She might ask as well if she was alive,"where is my son", ... but she would be in excess of 72 years old.

Hello, Six toe Jo...I know you can do it! Help Us!see I am her great niece,and I have to look upon the situation like it happened to me. And I can tell you for sure one thing when the economy gets bad and there is nothing to help the children and the parents are fighting over the child it can be an extraordinary undefinable fight. where anything can happen even murder and suicide.
It doesn't take a psychic to know that much. As much as it wants to be resolved it can't be resolved. Because it steps over boundaries and limitations sometimes of the law. People stand and stare and their mouths are sealed by their own conviction. (Someone had defined it as being slain in the holy spirit) As time goes by it doesn't get better it gets worse..because it inevitably makes people more vulnerable to being victimized.(this comes from a child who once hid under her teachers desk, and between the legs of a convict at County Jail where her father was incarcerated for failure to pay child support, to avoid the wrath and confusion of being dragged around by her so called parents and grandparents at five or six years of age in hopes of being able to rest an nestle in fathers arms again) and I am the stupid one! This is something I have to see an end to.I cannot avoid it any longer.
PEOPLE I PRAY FOR YOU, and I pray to God for the economy to pick up and provide to its people what it needs to raise children and provide the sanctuary and peace we all need and deserve. For those of you who have over stepped the law I hope they find you and incarcerate you, and for the little children I hope you find a good safe place like I did in my fathers arms.Of which reputation was mangled and marred by his wrong doings according to the new world and political government. It is a hard decision to make to have a divorce, and then go through all the records and decide who is right for the child, then to stick to it even though its not in your favor, to pay child support even when you don't have money and then go to jail because of the lack of it, and juggling all this legal shit.
I cannot do it..You don't know how hard it is and how unfair it is...Not to mention the CPS and The Attorney General, and the welfare office.Look at all the paper work.... look at all the work....that it takes and you wind up having to do it all for free. Now look at the divorce rate in america in an average lifetime I went through at least three divorces myself..even though I was married only once. . The Law enforcement might find it so relevant to speak morals over your newly founded exemplification for death. I find very flamboyant however I do not.You tell me what is happening to the children....of which I hope and wish nothing but the best....while others may find it excusable or an excuse I hope you use in the best interest of the children. And Texas. I call it play Doe!
We as a family didn't like the situation in 1968 and we still don't like the situation, after long debate. Although it does as all thing have its advantages, upsides and good points as a child I didn't know what to make of it.. and I guess I will never know. It is far too complicated for me to understand.
Oh what a tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive, 40 years ago, and put a rush on it!
Been Tangled for Forty Years....

Have people gone completely mad???


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