Molecular problems, financial problems, Legal turmoil

What a bright future we have if we could just get a few things straight..

I see molecular problems,
Financial problems,
and I also see legal turmoil for this area.

Is enought to close a eeoc hud project down!!

If you are not qualified for that type of job you mght as well be sleeping in a ditch on "HOSPICE CARE".

However I have lost so muh so many times I have no choice but to stick around.

I that my current landlord just called me "CHILDISH", I accepted her insult....

but I am not under her command!!

I don't need her in my business and I don't need a payee.

If they cannot cooperate with the tenanats then they need a find a new manager.

If you kick me out your the only one that i going to loose in that...
I plan to speak to someone else about this....

Thats not a threat....


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