Thursday, March 08, 2012



electron and Electrode
I Left school,,,,
Then "stripped gears"
then I had "fist of fury"
 "Speedy gonzalez"
"cesarian dye"
"Molecule dye"
Then I lost count.....
and got married
and almost died.

That aint funny!!! I was only `16.

Next thing you know your Pitt
t putty on dirt dope on a dirt floor.
Its a wonder we made it out alive!

They came in and took our children and we couldnt do anything\say anything/or even go tot he police...
I empathized with my husband....but I am not a conspirator to this plan.

I don't think they think enough about

I don't think people think enough about the important things in life,
safety, security, health, ...concentual consent, rights and constitutional US BILL OF RIGHTS
The conditions of our planet.
He was injured pretty bad.

I did not do it.

whatever your problems are ...I hope you reconsider .

Mind games have been declined for a long time. the mean psychology.
remembering Gemany and the World war II.

remembering as a reference the holocaust.
Knowing the proper way of doing things we can all live happy.

Of course you are gonna have idiots who are power hungry and seek to anniliate you no matter where you are where your from...
dont mislead ..deception is a crazy thing...

hypnosis and psychology are different...
when your not ready and you have recovering form an illness dont put people to test...don't hide the inevidable that they are sick from themselves who are sick. making fun Of disabled people is not a joke. and you already know it is a federal crime to harm them in anyother way.
Don't uncap the little one's
instead take of your cap.
Yankie! It is a feather in your cap!

The Curse Has Been Broken! I hope its not too late for you.. I hope you all made it..and are reading my website.

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