Some people just don't get it!!

OKAY INquireies want to know...
how do you pick your nose?
Do you go ini meni mini mo?
tis one tat one???
I heard my big sister just naw..she said,"GET OVER IT!!!"

anyway, everyone get a booger and wipe on dad one..or is dat one? Yea dat one!!

everybody wipe a booger on dat one!!

I aint koon ass I aint doing dat do it!! or there will be no Sugar smacks for dinner!
Dat one is gonna get up and kick your ass....but since i have his steal toes boots right here..

see hit dad in the heasd with steel toe boot.....
and he kick moms ass all over the yard!!

Thats the plan stan SHHHH!!

I cant beleive you did that! are you Loco y cavesa???

well I got your VIVA LOCO!!!

Congrats. on your new bratz!!!!


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