Tuesday, March 27, 2012


A dreams that i had,..

I dreamed I was talking to Jesus and he was on the cross, I said I really don't know you except for what I have heard of you and your works and how you are the Son of god. I didn't see things the way my mother and other family seen them and I wondered why you have to die for our sins? and how does that workout for you?

I imagined I guess to wear his thorny crown and see from his perspective would make better sense to me.

and .. I my mind I took the thorny crown and place it on my own head. as a vain thing some would say to think that I could contain all of this burden myself...of which I could not not in confidence or otherwise.
As you see this cup also is flowing over the sins of this world....
I became very fetched and flung it from my head..but the scars are still there ...

What a cursed dream it was...I will never forget.

Could it be? My eyes are sore....my head it throbs....and my throat chokes up. I know I cannot go another step from this without you.

That's when I said come in...Lord do with this vessel of what would please you most, be my protector and guidance and my shelter from the wrath of Your Father which art in Heaven.

I read your book as much as I can every day.

My flesh won't come in line with whatever it is that is trying to obsess me.
I cant control my flesh.
So you are going to have to make it succumb to the will of God the father.

AS WE FORGIVE THOSE WHO TRESPASS AGAINST US, lead us not into temptation
but deliver us from evil.

and I know how you abhorred  repetitiveness but I cannot  help myself it is the only prayer I know.
MAY YOU FIND MERCY AND PEACE LORD and we will always do this in remembrance of you.

As I weep I feel the mercy that you shewed to me, and I look and see many others following in your steadfastness..and I weep for all that have passed on without knowing you. There are hero's an angels but there is only one true Jesus depicted in the bible who binding has been patented through out the years cherished and loved. If I were there I would not have allowed it to happen to you. even with all my conciousness and even with what I had read it was a thing that was already in the heart of Man and In me to not kill for no reason or excuse. Except as in Leviticus for we must eat the fowl of the air.etc.
Whether or not you were guilty of treason was not mine to judge. for I wasn't there but I felt like I was since the author of the Bible was so good about telling his story's.
In the old testiment the only way to judge was an eye for an eye exodus 21;24 but we have surpassed that and I know because the New Testiment was written.

This thorny crown has much to understand; about justification and judification and incarceration.
Even in the Year Of Our Lord and Savior Two thousand and twelve AD

Vengence Is Mine sayeth the lord Deuteromony 32;35
some thought that it meant that they could take a vengence if they were in the lord's will. I As a child didn't think it to be as such. But to let God handle the vengence and he shall punish and reward each one according his deeds.
Yet another thing remains.and so I seen the neccesity for that thorny crown, but to be on your head was not something I could understand or comprehend either emotionallly or mentally and I surely would not want to be participant or conspirator to the execution or human euthanization of any one of Gods Creatures or CHILD.
I would not beable to look apon your face even to know you and who you really are.

Truely we are blind!

We don't see or understand or comprehend. Although we see with our eyes we truely do not understand, and though we hear with our ears we don't understand....thats in the bible too..
But there are thoughs who have seen and heard from the beginning and will not wisen the people, would not render aid, had no kind words, and just merely walked away.
As though they were elders(REV. 11;16) all along being the doubting Thomas that they were before.
While the Christ was crucified. They are Christains? By day and Thieve By night.

We are under seige.

I know your rath Lord God Father and Jesus, I know it is slow to kindle but when the rath of god falls on us Lord I pray it will be a mercifilled death and that it's the sting of death does not linger and that our tormentors will indeed be brought to light (for what is done in the darkness shall be brought to light for all who beleive  in you) and shall come to terms with what your will is.
Forif  it is your will God (Not mine) and it is truely your rath and your vengence and it is your son!
that I have belevie in all along then you should shew mercy apon all who love you, and died right along by your side whne you hung ont he cross. Dies inside and the new man was born.

Not all are born again for we are not born of the womb for the second time, we are born of the spriti.
That was your promise lord.

I didn't want you to die in the first place so is there no forgiveness unless we perish, your faithful ones?

In conclusion: This was to be a Prince who was to recieve this bible, and it was not destined for the New world untill the thief came and robbed it away so we could see the truth.
There are many tribes here in The New World. Many Nations of people. How are we to know Who to and Not to listen to?(Q: Posed to AMY GRANT The Dove awards winner of Christain Music)

Perhaps we are all auditioning for roles in a society that we know nothing of perhaps a place we don't even want ot go.
But I empathize with you Jesus in this story, and I purges my soul...

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