Saturday, April 28, 2012



Now, you told me that it was...or that it is, Now Mexico is not one of the fifty contiguous states of AMERICA. Not since the Tex Mex war.

Mexico is is IN South america, Texas is in North America..and Suriname is in South America.

So, in all the gang wars how can you claim any part thereof as a marked territory.

So ...I am looking at the delegated atthorities in Houston and the Surrounding areas

Nice art work on the walls in some parts..a real picaso.

Some people are so ignorant as to think you could claim anything that didn't belong to you by just claiming it.

When they wouldn't give a wooden nickel for a yankie dime from you.

I must admit the Hispanics do work hard...

But what about the jobs for Texans? well that is free enterprise. Imagine the economy is everyone does thier part? Remains in peace and harmony?

What if we made mexico one of the contiguous States of America?

And some would cring at the thought...still/
We are not Idiots assholes!!

So come on....How bout a little truth! GO TO CHURCH!

If you mess up your history is fucked up for good.

I want my cars back!! Don't play dumb with me!!

someone bought it? then give me my change!!

We will talk about Mexico more often!
To be Honest I heard there was a woman who is from Peru who they say she looks just like me. I wouldn't beleive that if I were you.
Surely you wouldn't use that as an excuse...
or would you? Hmm...Let's see!

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