You don't know me very well....but I am telling you that you adversary doesnt lie with me.
If you want to get to heaven....You gotta talk with God!Jesus is the only thing that can have intercessory prayer with God On your behalf. You may be communist....and you may be the badest person that ever walked the face of the earth....But Jesus will help you.
Galatians 2;17 I am crucified with christ nevertheless I live...yet not I but christ in Me and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the son of god who loves me and gave himself for me.

a song my mother sang to me when I was a child.....when we drove on the highway. Me and my sister learned to sing...we love our mother as well... I think she would enjoy seeing this and knowing that I am still one with christ.

I fight the good fight every day....so while My adversary may be in the church.. I shall wait till the lord comes to reclaim it. even If It takes a thousand years.

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