Thursday, August 16, 2012

Death Came Knocking!

If you had Only one Bullet and death was knocking at your door,
What would you do?
Would you spend it onThe enemy death adn shott and try to kill him?
Or would you try tot shoot yourself end it quickly and less painfully?
Or would you crack open the shell and eat the powder itself hoping to live through it?

and if on that same night...what if you invited him in and he granted you immortality as a hospitality.
and if life was immortal would you then wish to die?

then what if immortality was placed in a vail and put on a shelf for every one to see.. that said bought and sold.

Would you pop open the cork and let immortality be exposed? would you let it seep into your mortal soul?
From friend to friend and in every face that you see.
There you will find me!


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