On a more serious note:Malevolent Spirits

Where there is light, there is also darkness. In the realm of the spiritual and paranormal, agents of darkness and evil are referred to as demons. These wicked spirits seek the ruination of all humankind. They thrive on fear and chaos, and exist to spread both across creation. In this guide, we will look at prayers and other ways to protect yourself from these evil beings."

How to protect yourself from malevolent spirits.



Alcohol is consisdered spirits. Do not drink in times of hallucinations or during a malevolent attack by a spirit. Evil Spirits have to be invited or involked into your homes and lives and body they don't just wander in with the cats and dogs. Although many beleive that dogs and cats are used as mediums and familiars. Beware of stray animals. Overtly tamed animals.


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