Saturday, February 18, 2012


and a pretty good one at that!

The case was not opened if it was never closed.

I shouldn't have to exlplain myself to people that I don't even know...soem people like to prey on person's weaknesses so they can combat them and win what glory they have in this world. The war when Washington crossed the delaware..he thought that he would be defeated and it was a last effort.

I say this with all ernesty, that people think that I do not care...that I don't care of nothing nor life nor death..and anything in between but just money.

I do care alot of many things..somethings I have yet to discover.

I also approach with extreme caution. Of things that I know nothing of.

However I think we all have thoughs days when we just want to be ignorant and throw off all of our cares and concerns.
On them days I like to be clutzy and lazy...

I even as I am have responsibilities even when I don't want to.

I don't beleive in the modern day robinhood...I have heard so much about.

I don't think that anyone person cannot participate in thier own decisions, I think everyone should be ware of the circumstances in thier life that make them who they are and I think every person should at least understand who thier parents are and where they are from.

Everyone should have a name.
Everyone who is living should abide byt he laws of the living.
I don't care much for illegal immigration and illegal migration to the USA
Not to say that it doesn't conscern me, just to say that I cannot elaborate on given subject.
I like people in general. IIn general I like foreine language. though I cannot even speak it.

Cases on missing persons should never grow cold or closed.
Notifications to the nearest relatives should be made to all who are incarcerated into the correction system. And to those who are not able to attend courts to defend and at least say thier peace should be done by the way of phone or live circuit tv. Let the relative know what is happening. With as much dignaty as possible. Without abridging the  amendments. 

The Door should never be shut in the face of someone who is in need, and it should never be shut rudely...and there should be no conditions to thier return.

Beleive it or not it not about money its more than just's about the integrity, confidence.

It's about making right in the end. Knowing , and doing right. repairing and healing and saving God's creation.
The Short end of the stick should always win.
A voice in the wind.....

Hot Summer Days and Dehydration

Electrolytes, enzymnes, and amino acids (specified) B12 will give you the energy to run with the boys.

Will prepare you for the hot summer days ahead.

pedialyle, sprite,Bc powders, or other lemon lime soda, n-acetal cystiene,. Calf liver.

It is best to stay away from cola products.

If you want a good tanning lotion try baby oil (johnsons) and add one half bottle of Methiolade, or mercuricome, for that golden glow.

sunblockers are good for gradual tanning withotu the burns.

and boys remember that "SALT PETER" is a good way to stop the reprodution cycle temporarily..although I have not done much research on this, the Judgicial system seems to think it inhibits sexual arrousal.And has used it .

"SALT PETER", is a fertilizer.

We should have an early Spring this year, whiuch means lots of flowers in was a wonderful winter and I enjoyed it. I hope you did too.

Friday and Saturrday Nights seem to be the roughest as far as crime goes...
everyone like to use the weekend to go out and party.

Stay out of the local scenes if you can unless your looking for action.

Women be careful and always be prepared.



Friday, February 17, 2012


To oneself the going cleaning agent for 2012 is OXIDE

Cleans protien stains along with boiling hot water.
The Number one sanitation chemical is aldehyde.
The common thread and catalyste is a protien
a non soluable kind.

Please be very careful around the ant hills is a very sound advice.

Do not take any advice always seek professional advice and ask questions.

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Now it gets clearer every day....

 Jim Jones? Margaret Sanger? Charlie Manson?  ALI 1962

What do these names have in common?

count yourself lucky to be alive and reading this journal, and freely doing so.  

Till Death Do We Part 1982-2012

 So as I sit here On the eve of my my thirtieth anniversary to a man who's Sir name had a suffix of Dy...and whom I still carry the name. The words "Till Death do we part", has a funny ring to it..And even though we divorced lawfully seven years into the marriage(which is the biblical time one can remain a slave) and being that marriage is commonly refered to as being a "ball and chain".
I wonder if I should seek a legal name change.

The children of the wedlock are grown adults .

I do not wish to enter into anymore covenants with anyone anymore.

When we married he said what is married by "God, Let no man part"....

Is it physically possible to divorce?

and If not then wouldn't any marriage thereafter be bigamy?

So I never remarried and niether did he.

End Of The Story/.

WILLTHE WORLD DIE BY FIRE IN THE 2012 (Mayan prophecy)

I have two things that I want to mention in this post:

1) The five senses
2) Sattelites

1: We have five senses, Sight vision, olfactorysmell,hearing, tactile touch, and taste. a sixth sense is considered paranormal.
These five senses are given to protect any human from things that may be harmful to the rest of the body.

2) Sattelites are considered to be elementary  connections to the outter world you could even kinda say we are living in the "Outter Limits", as the old "twilight", movies of paranormal and sci fi ..

A sattelite in the upper atmosphere is capable of communication through its complicated mechanisms and has been the Host of many electrical components such as cell phones and wireless internet, also useful for other military operations.

Technology has taken off and is completely mind boggling, but they are elements none the less.

When a person looses one sense they are considered handicapped, such as hearing or sight impairment.

When I was in Church one time I asked why can a blind person who cannot see walk to the toilet or other place? cook food or of the might even say he is sighted if  a sighted person was to witness this...which in itself was a phenominal question.
The answer is: When God takes one sense away sometimes he adds a different kind of sense or heightened senses of one of the other four senses. Such as exception hearing.

Which to a person who is born in the erra of the sixties and sawa the first man land on the moon... who is a very mundane person might find all of the above very frightening.
And fright may even resemblem a heart attack.


A person with bipolar disorder has emotional imbalances...because they experience elations laughing and crying in a rapid way. Some say emotions are also a sense, but the psychological fields have not revealed if that is an accurate statement. 
In the book," The Joy of Sex second edtion", would also resemble what the French called "petite death".
The Holy Bible say, Mourning refines the soul. Which could be related indirectly to emotions and the five senses.

We are pleased to know there is technology that makes the world easier, and we are ignorant of its inner workings.
ignorance is bliss..and we are happy if we are blissful.

We grow in knowledge and we are shocked at the results..and then its like eating meat from the chain saw massecre's butcher shop and loving it to find out later that we had just ate our own loved one?

which we never ever want to do! will find comfort knowing that there are rules and you can protest and detest them who break them.
That which is appaulling.
You can come along  if you want but you may not like it.

So a blind man may be more blessed if he didn't see all the blood and the guts you spilled...and blindness doesn't seem like a bad thing at all..

and you might enjoy being put in your coffin alive. If we have no senses...

and your scared of the sun!


Wednesday, February 15, 2012



and am I running late?

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

FEB.14 2012

Well, I haven't posted in a while,and I just thought I would say...I have been thinking alot about my family and how much i love them and have missed them while they have been away. The blues get heavier and heavier every day...but I keep trying to keep a cheery disposition and think nothing but on the Glory and the magnificience of the lord, Perhaps what it will be like when we all go to heaven.Perhaps,death is only a transition...being a person who feels they have came close to death, I feel it is probably one of the hardest transitions that a human or any living thing will have to ever transpire.
When your body is old and decreped, you'll learn to visualize all the happy times in life and endear them perhaps long for them .."as a person says,when your young you wish to be older and when your older you wish to be younger",,, but when the body has given out and taken all that it can take..should we think about death as mercy to t he living? Never take someones life just because you think it would be merciful to them..ask them if it would be merciful enough.

I wanted to say,"my best to Whitney Houston", God Bless her and may she find the eternal one.RIP.
Icannot listen to that song"I will always love you", without crying my hands full of tears.She was and is will be a wonderful singer, ...thanks Whitney. Juice it girl...

Okay this is my blog entry for Valentines day....For every loved one I have ever loved and that is a lot of love believe you

Okay then..get up there girl and let me give you something you aint never had before in your I rolled him...and gave him all my money..and found peace of mind.

So he better never do  that again.....or he'll be holding my purse pushing an empty walmart basket with no shoes on....and no one to talk to...

BTW: BRING THE LITTLE 4 yrs old BLACK BOY BACK, his parents miss him...we got make on the vehical and you will never get away with  that!! SAYS KSBJ 89.3 FM "HellO?

P.S. Andd you thought it was Valentines day...but it was "PURIM" H.B. Esther 9

OH and Boyfriend don't think about coming back cause I have already spent the money on changing the lock!!

Well here is a video that says, not just Mexico Border is effected by immigration laws but check points

If you are a USA citizen you might find comfort in knowing our law enforcement is hard at work but instead you become defensive about coming...