Saturday, February 25, 2012

Update: False Legend Karakawa Indians Mission Of Life Proposal

Here is a piece Of kemah Texas Literature About the Karakawa Indians of which I adore.
"KARAKAWA means, "BOOTS".From Oklahoma plains Kiowa county. (KISS EM)
Everyone knows how much I adore Indian heritage and stories and its people because I understand American History pretty well.

When I read about North American Indians in American History I felt a peace inside.

I would liek for you my readers to read this, I am not Karakawa Indian but I feel I have came very close to knowing them.

If I can help in Anyway I would feel very proud to.

Please support The Local Indians Of kemah Texas...

A tribal Name will always remain..its people may grow old and/or change ..more poeple can be added along the way...but forever Indians of a certain region will always bare the name Of its tribe .However it must be a blood line that is worthy of its Tribal name.

They said,"Karakawa Indians are extinct today, since 1860's".

His blood line is still in exitance I know because I know how genetic work...and how a GENE can be passed from one generation to the next.

Is'nt that how we all started? From a small organism? or cell?

You don't have to know gene splicing to know and to see a rebirth look at the White buffalo..
a white buffalo is white because it is spotless before the lord...and so are some indians...spotless before the lord. Especially when they are in extinction or being preserved to a rebirth.

No I don't believe in reincarnation but I do beleive that a young child can be taught old ways.
And Just as there are Kings and Queens There are Chiefs..adn just as there are chiefs...
there are oppositions and tournaments and battles to be won...

Perhaps, The Manitou was a bit much for me to comprehend as a child but as an adult I found it strangely useful.

My father would have had a nother heart attack if he would have known this mission is alive and I am one with it.

Take Care Kemah!! WE LOVE YOU!!

For my friend with kidney problems

Here is a list of things you should eat and try before you have another transplant;

Try it in a juicer:
Prickly ash
Queeen Of the meadow
Saw palmetto
Scurvy grass
shave grass
slippery elm
Speed well Spotted cranebill
squaw vine
water eryngo
white pond lily
wild oregon grape
witch hazel
Yellow dock
yerba santa


american sanicle
black cohosh
black currant
black elder
blood root
brier hip
desert tea
dog bane dwarf nettle
european goldrod
fring tea
Indian corn
kidney beans
milk wort
mouse ear
From the Book the Herb book by john lust

Here is a more modern version of family recipes

Cranberries, beets,cucumber, apples, electrolyes, teas black peoke
calcium, clorophyll, bell peppers, 

BC POWDERS has lots of potassium
Try calf liver,
eat no animal products,
Lots and lots of bread and milk like coconut,
Eat yeast bread

try some anti candida herbal remedies at vitamin world
and do a bowel flush

Drink lots of fluids no cola products
drink Seven Up
mineral water
perrier water

Buy activated charcoal

Quick silver

Take walks in mild thunderstorms in rubber boots. wear a rain proof hat.

Thats all I know have fun doing it.


.. ramirez ,rodriguez,gonzolez,hernandez, fernandez, .....

One of them is a real cartoon!
Can you guess which one that is?

I am a turtle ninja turtle!
I am  a turtle ninja turtle!
I am a turtle Ninja turtle!


Friday, February 24, 2012

Day SIX after the accident


Wounded Warriors.
C-ya laters take care....Beware of  the low hanging signs.  Thats One tough cookie! Couldn't Eat it so I bought it!

Be Bean move over Encrypted Note To Individual

Personally to you.

You get up when you bust your ass shake it don't call out for your mama.
If your hungry you go steal from the store.
Your parents are not there anymore.
They worked hard they paid thier taxes..
you done your chores..
you went to school..
you got five dollars a week to go out and have fun...

Now How much do they eat?

You climbed Jacobs ladder once or twice..but you made stay up there and now you must get down on my own.

THAT'S A PROPOSAL...FOR in a legal name change...
and I know you didn't mean it and I am so sorry for asking.So I tore Up that Picture, since I had to steal it from the drawer of my sisters chest.


See I have a Amsterdam window but I don't live in the red light district. I don't take pictures.
If I don't open the window they will not be able to see me, and they will bust down the doors .

 I got NUMBERS, Lots and Lots Of Numbers...they are looking for you!

The Daughter.

P.s. Now look I like the Bible you send me but there is only one, we had  have to break up!
 For all your Psycho Babel!
Which took all my man power.

Thursday, February 23, 2012


OMG   ITS NOT JUST A GAME.....Or the same ole dirt in a different T-SHIRT...Larry....

THIS Is a Tournament.....

A matching of wits...Skill..know how...wisdom...Good versus evil...

The Prize! A Shiney crown of Truth...
To some a nugget...
TO some living water...
to some a silver spoon...

It's a fight every day....some days silver day gold.

When you are tiny it comes on like failure to thrive..

As you get older its a black eye...

and one day....its a life....

A CUP in the end...filled to the brim...WITH More than you can contain....

So long... hold it in...

one day song and one day wine...

and over time....
You passd it on, to the next one in line...

a childs relief... which has no face for tomorrow...

and ashamed no place to hide.

So its dirt...
a scuffy ole man in a scruffy old suit on a scruffy ole park bench,,,

Its the art of tomorrow...that brings the sweetest rain.

We know not the hour.....when the maintence man will come to sweep it all away.


PRINT THIS PAGE PREFERRABLE ON A POSTCARD TYPE PAPER AND GO TO THE NOTARY REPUBLIC, you may have to purchase a diabetic finger pricker at the local grocery store. Notaries are free at the local banks woodforest at walmart.
More than anything I want to know who you are, even if you are related and are not a "GWIN".
The reunion has been postponed till futher notice you must contact ,"GUYNES". A New editiona baby girl , and a baby boy to the Guynes family...Welcome!! I will give you the address to mail it to when you contact me via email. I do so appreciate your help and your concern. God Bless you eacha nd everyone. With mercy and grace from Our Lord and Savior.

The Valance Of Wars 2012

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Pro's And Con's Of Being A Young Disabled Person

You take caution and you won't get sued!!

some would say it is my fault for going to fast on my bike...
some would say i didn't adhere tot he signs...

I was on my bike going to the market square had to take a detour because of constrution and got squirrley in the mud and didn't see the second sign that was hanging very low because of my hat and I hit that son of a gun head on pretty dern hard knocked me off my bike like taking a gun shot to the chest....but it hit me square in the forehead...

My back hit the bike and I am sore on my left side .

There was a guard on horseback coming up from behind and she didn't even dismount offer first aid I had to get back on my bike and finish my ride to the market, where I had to fight with energy conserving water faucets to wash my face..and gave up and went to the clerk counter they sent me to the guy in blue shirt..guy in blue shirt said go to the clerk counter..
I had to say," no all I need is some water and a bandaid.

I never accomplished what I set out to do in market square and mad eit home but look at this shiner..
I can't even go back there today because it has taken a bit out of me over night..

I cited them with failure to render aid tot he horse back rider..
Insubordination to the second person who sent me to the  clerk counter.

but that construction site has fucked me twice already...

I missed the low hanging sign the first time.... this time it got me .
What is the purpose of closing a trail that would otherwise be helpful considering the alternative.

They need to quit working here. Its unnessesary to repave CWP pavillions entrance it was fine to begin with.

SO...If you don't want me to get squirelly in your yard move that"Low hanging" sign.


Is that said well enough?? The bottom is day five after the accident..the top is before.

The Poison Tree by William Blake

I was angry with my friend:
I told my wrath, my wrath did end.
I was angry with my foe:
I told it not, my wrath did grow.

And I watered it in fears
Night and morning with my tears,
And I sunned it with smiles
And with soft deceitful wiles.

And it grew both day and night,
Till it bore an apple bright,
And my foe beheld it shine,
And he knew that it was mine -

And into my garden stole
When the night had veiled the pole;
In the morning, glad, I see
My foe outstretched beneath the tree.

reading poetry and I came across this poem..I think this is a good poem and is a good depiction of a large society in motion. If you have experienced something like this maybe you should try to remember the way it made you feel when it happened...did you feel remorse? Joy? relief?
Vengence is a powerful things! Victory is another!

Try to apply this to a circumstance where you were not the victor but the victim.

as If You were the foe.

Monday, February 20, 2012

I want One!! well then maybe not!!...Maybe the karakawas might like em...

A little girls dream to have a puppy...
but when little girls grown up so the dreams..

Check out this full blown puppy dream...

People beware there are real life werewolves out there.. chomp ..

I bet to see one of these alive and up close and personal like this one makes this man look like a midget..might be trick photography..
I have seen em at the Houston Zoo?? I think???

Really don't like dogs cats or animals of any kind too much anymore...

Bad experiences...

Please be careful with that pit viper venom!(LISINOPRIL-for high blood pressure)

Cardiac Arrest And First Aid

If you go into cardiac arrest in a public place they may do Cardio pulminary recisitation, CPR for short.

Here is a picture of the chest:

If the proceedure is done correctly, it will not break the "XIPHOID PROCESS" which is located in the sternum. That is the point where you look for and then just below it you start manual compressions. Sometimes it can be broken during a rescusitation attempt, or maybe even heart surgery.
I wanted to being this to light.
This bone controls alot of different functions...and it is painful when it is broken.
I don't know if it can even be repaired.
Or whats it functions are.

"Jesse wayne", I am sure you remember.

I hope that you are satisfied...and everything turned out ok.
If not contact me via email or by way of USPO.
Certified mail, registered mail. Do not contact me in person.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Matter Of fact

Lying...we all lie till we learn to tell the truth.
and lying is not so bad unless your in a court room and sworn in by a J.O.P.

It's not that I cannot tell the truth from a lie...or fiction from non fiction..or dreams from reality...
or cannot tell the differnece between yesterday and today.


And when in pain resorting to a Euphoric state of mind eases pain.

There are many facets to a truth, and can be influenced by a lie.

We all think the HOLY BIBLE IS THE TRUTH,
If the ten commandments said, "Love thy neighbor as thyself", thou shall love thy neighbor as thyself...and if love is considered "SEX" then should you love...even though they are non compliant? Should you have sex with all your neighbors? WAAT?
or what is the defination of love?
Which kinda turned into an essay on love.
(INFLUENCED and perverted the truth and my point)
 Focal point not on the scripture or the comandment,but on love or the dfinition of love.
TRUTH IS and can be Influenced by lies.

And misinterpretation of truth .

and if you can't get that right may not beable to get anything'll just mosey along and one day the truth will smack you in the face.

Hopefully it won't be by the law.
P.s. Truth Is not the corner of a curb or a concrete block...or a kick in the crotch

....Truth is The Word and its validity to be uncannily accurate to a fault.