Saturday, March 10, 2012


MY PHOTOGRAPHER! From Westminister, Look what we got? Your eyes are better than mine what do you see? Plus I think I owe you some money!


Isn't it spectacular?
Lets make some more!

Some people just don't get it!!

OKAY INquireies want to know...
how do you pick your nose?
Do you go ini meni mini mo?
tis one tat one???
I heard my big sister just naw..she said,"GET OVER IT!!!"

anyway, everyone get a booger and wipe on dad one..or is dat one? Yea dat one!!

everybody wipe a booger on dat one!!

I aint koon ass I aint doing dat do it!! or there will be no Sugar smacks for dinner!
Dat one is gonna get up and kick your ass....but since i have his steal toes boots right here..

see hit dad in the heasd with steel toe boot.....
and he kick moms ass all over the yard!!

Thats the plan stan SHHHH!!

I cant beleive you did that! are you Loco y cavesa???

well I got your VIVA LOCO!!!

Congrats. on your new bratz!!!!


Who cannot?
Who will not?
Who forbade us not?
who knows?


So far the holy bible has meant a great deal, but only historically speaking.
But we have a different history than The Easterners. It may have been a POW who wrote that book.
however ;It was presented to Queen Elizabeth. Problem is USA was breeched with this plan.
And everyone is told they should read it.
His devine plan to escape his prison.became the oldest pow alive..he's living in the book.

It is possible that this literature was intended for the Child of the country and its a story book that grips the childs mind.A book that suppliments his future duties.

You have to ask yourself why in the world would we as forieners would come to USA in the first place?

If it is in fact a historical event then why are we such  having cataclysm events, reoccuring in the USA, a doubting thomas might ask.

Even scholars have ponder this bible, totally bewildered by it.

This has become a subject that most wont wnat to discuss or even follow because of its intensity and complexion. It's methodes that it was written in.

Its the interpretation that really gets you...sometimes in trouble.

I would think, that  priest or cardinal it would be nessesesary to offer political assylum.

Our world however in USA does not function so readily.Catholism is a story of historical value that cannot go unnoticed.

Education is left up to Scholars.
We are in Fact Gods Children.
Lets the good shepards lead us....but let his heart be filled with safety for his people his flock.

In fact there is a discrepancy about the congregation of the Church, and who should be the Minister of the word, and who should be the Good shepard of the people, and who should
  people of the congregation be.

If the Church and State are separate. The should The Constitution US BILL OF RIGHTS BE IGNORED for the sanctity of the Church?

Which is kinda the reason why I understood ,"the removal of the holy bible in school".
Its far too much of a burden on children and misinterpretation in inevidable and may be crucial to the welfare of the state.Children should notplay with Loaded guns sounds far fetched but the bible is sorta a loaded gun.Of information and wealth .

A childs mind can be overloaded and bogged down to the point where they develope serious affects .
We don't want to do this to our children!

When you have a leader you must follow your leader.
Your choice is to pick a leader that you trust that will be a good tutor and teach you the way that we should and might go.

"Cramming" in school is that allowed?
Is cramming allowed in Church?
Building mental intellect in a rapid pace.
Gathering information to become a godly teacher, or any other type of field work.
Well this is the result of 47 years of field work.

take care can't close....


Pasadena, South Houston, Deer park, Friendswood, Kemah, Texas City, Galveston, Houston, Conroe,
The Woodlands, all points in between...


can you feel it? look around...This is a NEW BEGINNING....

You know what with to do...

and God will bless you!
I love you...forever and ever amen.

Can you see why God so loves the world that he would send his only begotten son ?

Keep Optimistic!

Thursday, March 08, 2012



electron and Electrode
I Left school,,,,
Then "stripped gears"
then I had "fist of fury"
 "Speedy gonzalez"
"cesarian dye"
"Molecule dye"
Then I lost count.....
and got married
and almost died.

That aint funny!!! I was only `16.

Next thing you know your Pitt
t putty on dirt dope on a dirt floor.
Its a wonder we made it out alive!

They came in and took our children and we couldnt do anything\say anything/or even go tot he police...
I empathized with my husband....but I am not a conspirator to this plan.

I don't think they think enough about

I don't think people think enough about the important things in life,
safety, security, health, ...concentual consent, rights and constitutional US BILL OF RIGHTS
The conditions of our planet.
He was injured pretty bad.

I did not do it.

whatever your problems are ...I hope you reconsider .

Mind games have been declined for a long time. the mean psychology.
remembering Gemany and the World war II.

remembering as a reference the holocaust.
Knowing the proper way of doing things we can all live happy.

Of course you are gonna have idiots who are power hungry and seek to anniliate you no matter where you are where your from...
dont mislead ..deception is a crazy thing...

hypnosis and psychology are different...
when your not ready and you have recovering form an illness dont put people to test...don't hide the inevidable that they are sick from themselves who are sick. making fun Of disabled people is not a joke. and you already know it is a federal crime to harm them in anyother way.
Don't uncap the little one's
instead take of your cap.
Yankie! It is a feather in your cap!

The Curse Has Been Broken! I hope its not too late for you.. I hope you all made it..and are reading my website.

Molecular problems, financial problems, Legal turmoil

What a bright future we have if we could just get a few things straight..

I see molecular problems,
Financial problems,
and I also see legal turmoil for this area.

Is enought to close a eeoc hud project down!!

If you are not qualified for that type of job you mght as well be sleeping in a ditch on "HOSPICE CARE".

However I have lost so muh so many times I have no choice but to stick around.

I that my current landlord just called me "CHILDISH", I accepted her insult....

but I am not under her command!!

I don't need her in my business and I don't need a payee.

If they cannot cooperate with the tenanats then they need a find a new manager.

If you kick me out your the only one that i going to loose in that...
I plan to speak to someone else about this....

Thats not a threat....

Carnal Sin and Doping Answers ,TIME TO THINK!

OKAY first you start chewing on a stick the next thing you know your drinking ampule of blood (human) ...then you just kinda graduate up fromt here next thing you know your eating whole food!!??
Thanks or no thanks to The Mexico Law passed called ALI in 1962, I had looked for the ansdwer to that problem for a long long time no one gave me ansers no one talked to one told me. I got little clues here and there from Jehovah Witnesses not convienced of thier innocense...warnings of them being an occult. I wondered How one person could contain so much information. I guess you have heard of occult rings that had satanic rituals well this is part of the ritual they use.

THis is considered in my oppiniion to be cannabalistic and I do not recocomend anyone to do this. I don't know where these persons who chew on sticks come from or where they get the sticks. If it is considered to be safe medical practice to even give whole blood products, or to even give samples for testings.

I myself do not participate in this nor do know anyone who does.

It's very sad when you think about it all, who is the victims and how far from the truth we actually maybe. The truth and the way of The Lord !

I once heard  someone tell me the way to stop something sometimes is to explose it.. and awareness is key.

It is not a legal practise as I know of, And not all evils in this world are of this practise. There are other evils of which we are familiar with.. but as time goes on we realize that the good people who a righteous and upright are really far and few between.

Don't contaminate or defile yourself and them expect the Church to wash it all away....they can tell who's who and whats could be excommunicated from your church forever because of this.
Atheist or not satanic worshipers or not some day some where you are going to need GOD . Trust me.
Not one of you not one are worthy to latch the shoes that jesus wore....
but if by chance you are victim in anyway...ask around and see if you can find help.
AN alive lost lamb is better than a dead one.

Wash your hands...dust off your feet...
Of this disgusting horrid nightmare....

Sincerely ...

Thats the Dope for tonight!


I should have killed myself a long time ago.... I just dont like it this world..and though i know I wont make it to heaven if I do... so my alternatives are slim I have time to think about them.

some would say... We as Human beings are no longer mere mortals at all....

If you have a problem you can turn to God for help....
He has ordained you by the power of christ jesus...
He has lead you out of eygypt...
And he will come again and again...
the end is near....

What I do not know is should we as Gods people allow Gods plan to move forward to the end.. or?

Here is what I think would be a good solution for people who are victim.

Visit the Consecrated grounds for safety, all graveyards are consecrated. If evil seeks after you.
remember this is a carnal evil, like times before we have encountered.

Dont just practise safe sex women ..
although it is alternative to no sex a t times.
Men remember and keep the blessed virgin safe ..clean...and in the words or god...
Child bearing is for in times when there needs to be children..

But it doesnt mean you have to terminate just because you dont want one.
Back to the storm get control over your life. The flesh is weak.

If I am weak! He is strong,(GOD)

When on consecrated ground you may find your mond plays many tricks on you...the longer you can withstand...God takes control. You never know who's life you may save might even be your own.

I know I am not perfect, But christ in me is!

Some people amy think this is a crime worthy of death.. and yes it would make you want to vendicate...
remember anyone who harms a cursed man will pay seven fold for his crime.
OK ok ... I could talk longer but I am going to sleep... goodnight people have a great life!!


Cheerios Cheerios 1,2, 3, who wants some Cheerios come with me!!

Tuesday, March 06, 2012




I guess....Happiness Is a dirty ole man in a dirty ole suit on a dirty ole park bench... you think?
omeone you thougtht you knew,
of which you found appaulling untill he opened up his dirty ole wallet and gave you some dirty ole money to boot!
 Money comes and goes Quickly almost up and disappears...
But the dirty ole man ...
in the dirty grey suit on the park bench was there...
come rain hell or shine.
All day and all night..
as so Iam told happiness is a dirty ole man in a dirty ole suit on a dirty ole park benchthrought the years,
was content and happy to be,
can you imagine him doing anything else?

In Loving Memory
Thank you!
The gwin's 2012 PC


Yeah Mom its cool if you wanta live to be 200 years old, I am sure there may be one or two in this world who has or have...
but I hear we are only promised seventy!
As I watched a little japanese woman wriggle down the sidewalk.
The Pen Is mightrier than the sword. If you know which pinn to pull...
Don't look at me!
Who only wanted a familiar, and that happened to be two.
I don't really like stripped gearsand I am all out of parts! thank God!
Which was totally messed up to begin with.
Insulted I guess..he didn't liek the cap.
and that was HARD WORK.

My face was red...but I was not ashamed, we all have to swallow our own pride every once in a while?
Because it was unfathomed the brutality coming down the pike.

And we all must thank god for angels of the lord..who hear all our prayers our thanks and who we give all our blessings and praise for he who loves us the most and made us who we are and gave us hope to face all the rest of our days.
and all I got was more pride and more nerve and more I walked away...

Mind mind ticking like a clock and so I lost so much time and I think yeah, that would be the appropriate measure. Who in thier right minds would mess with someone liek that?? Its beyond comprehension.

BTW perhaps we can sort it out..even standing at point blank range with one said pistol .
God thank you so much for bending the nozzle on that gun!! It was a near miss...
and a perplexing example of faith. Faith in your friends.
and so I was rudely waken as I rudely bumped a man poor and helplesswho grew agitated and sad
..because the clutz that I am gave him a fright on top of  one bad kidney.
Which isnot funny at all...since the operation failed to sustain him the longevity he refused to apologies.
I am such a clutz of which I have not been required to admit.
Is it Ok with you bucko who ate my last bud....

It was a folkloresuch as the almond treeL.."LEFT STANDING IN THE AISLE",..I would have had you to wish me my silver anniversary plus five...
but who knows where that man is.
Which is just like every other outlaw..bad mother in law or orphaned child.
Of which iw ill never be able to put an end to:
Thank you Im sorry..

P.s. Where what when and how and why? and please don't make me cry.

as I closed this story.. I heard a semi automatic pistol loading its chamber maybe a glock... I look around and there was noone there to my releif but then again ....I ask out loud is someone there? and I felt the fear grip me...I don't think I would even acknowldge it if I was faced with the same decisions I guess all I would do Is pray for mercy for I am no exception to the rule.
I think sometimes you have to more valuable to live than the man who is the mercenary who is sent to take account for your life. But who I am to judge?

For every man is of his worth and every woman and every child every animal evrything of this world
We know the not the day or the hour, beware the thief who comes only to rob steal adn kill!!

Part Two

So as I was saying as I was looking to learn about thing and people , I noticed that a smile turned upside down...and a third missing digit... could actually do severe damage to a financial corporation...swindle away money to pilfer untill financial ruin...of which I currently try to escape.

and shoirtly they will be weighing their alternativesto figuer one to place blame on for wisdom is a tool..and better for one to suffer than three thousand.

A widows mite and a widowers blaim.
So is one mans trash anothers treasure? seems we travel more faster and more gullible than others anticipated.
If its the silver spoon you are interested in ? WHY DO YOU WEAR A FORK AROUND YOUR NECK?

Talking aboutr a list ...One that ends in trajic deaths.
and how about that list?
how many times have you been on it?
How many times did they want to and didnt?
How times they wanted to and couldn't?

So now you seem ole and useless to most.
Which they always find a use for.
Thats when you think you know..
when you feel you count for something?
That your movements count...
that you judgements are rendered...
and it really doesn't matter if you count up or down...
All seems pretty inevidable.
If not by your peers but by the law....
Perhaps its a feather in your cap..

Uncertainty has a way of setting in...
it creeps and seeps into every crack of the human psyche

maybe you see a huge one in mine

Two souls fractal slowly and flaot down the the river along with its many colors, brilliance, and shine

So My deasrest outlaws may desert me....On the door step of your heart.
and wipes out by one millionth times its power in the blink of an eye.


Partr Three:

A wise man once said," YOU WOULD CHANGE YOUR STORY IF YOU KNEW WHAT I KNEW." unknown author.

A good soldier would wait for orders,
deciefer orders,
accept or reject orders,
and then follow through.

for your stronger your smarter your prettier you have a bigger army.
See's self defence...coming down the road and freezes.
as the soldier witnesses, antisipates thier move walks to the other side of the sidewalk..and as they pass..the man with the bricks cordially greets the soldier and walks on by.

The soldier then non-chalantly hollars out to his buddies...
passing word around trhat the smaller army has bricks.

time passes...the soldier that had the bricks was afraid even though he had bricks.
Adrenaline pumping goes into the house and places the bricks beneath the legs of his bed.

And hollars buddy quit talking shit about me. I aint who you think I am.
I just need some bricks for my bed legs.
but see's a vunerability in his buddy forgets about the whole incident.
the following night they are up and down pacing the hallways..popping in and out ..and relaxing once again.

One of the other soldiers already was agitated at the soldier who had the bricks.....decided to think about the situation so they could calculate the scenario in the even that the bricks were going to used against him or his buddy.

Soldier three was already in the move against the first soldier and was caught in the act of hazing began a serious attempt to get rid of the little snitching bricking soldier...the bricking soldier watched quietly from afar of the action of the third. realized she was quite a dare devil and went to bed.

They knew the bricking soldier was a Christain and knew them well enough to know they were not in the process of harming anyone....pushing her atthority onto the other soldier...

but the other soldier isnot compliant with them ..



Monday, March 05, 2012

ATT NOTICE March 5th 2011

CONTRACTED A DELL MINI NETBOOK FOR A FRIEND With 2year contract, she went flop suddenly didn't want it. Gave it to me . Now Am willing to work this out if you can.You asked for : 389.00
including the dell netbook with 12mg speed and family uverse.

and return old equipment wireless modum with old account number.

If I return od account number and equipment I will be refunded 150.00 of the above said price.

Total 239.00 in the first month, 118.00  P/u 12 months for dell equipment you will so long surrender possesion of and continue with the installment with no changes you agree to end previous contract apon completion of my agreement with netbook client,for Her debt is her debt, her contract is her contract. If so contract exist. Any forgiveness on that part is between previous owners of contract.Including default or breech of said contract.

If none of this is conditional and agreeable then no changes will be made and you will pick up all equipment and provide both potiential and previous contract holder with final debt.

Since no agreement can be reached.

In concluded that a gift card would be sent to The Potiential and New Owner of all the above mentioned.
In the sum of 300.00 In no longer than four to six weeks.

End Of conversation:
Further negotiations will continue with service technician on
date set forth by parties.



Lets Go somewhere I Haven't
been before....

I'm just waiting on my friend!



Sunday, March 04, 2012

If these walls said anything...

It would be the laughing stock of the town....firthermore what business is it of yours? that a person was taken off on a gourney by two men in black pants and white shirts with black hair, and someone in a body bag or under a red throw and no police was present nor ambulance ???
Well, For your information...that place is on hospice( does not catch my wasn't TPA it was PSA and when your on hospice they said,"no police need be present". I said really?? Oh Ok? sorry I cannot negotiate an argument with them I don't know what was going on?.Which I guess went double for both on the phone.

Since everytime you call someone lately they say what? Like they have have peanit butter in their ears and they want you to rectify it by repeating everything you just said....sorry.... OK!

Furthermore , it said...

I was once a house an apartement complex that startedx out with good intentiions/

I was a senior/eeoc apartment complex.
I was a hospital for potiential patients and  recovering patients and organ donars and recipients/
I was a correctiona facility for a while
I was a halfway house for parolees...

I might be a catholic monastary oneday.

Perhaps a sanctuary for forieners to invest in.

Someone pull the ears plugs and lets get out of here...

All of this on my good friday night and I got pictures or I tried.... knock knock ....

No ones home.....


Be fore the roof caves in!!

March 2nd 2012 2:00 my time.
Oh please don't cry sweetie...

I know you didnt know I was telling them the whole time I was communicating by two methodes and they still don't understand.

I didn't lie.. I seen what I saw and I tried to get help..and I tried your friends and mine but no one pays much attention so I guess I have to take matters into my own hands but what can I do?? but kiss your broken ass.