Thursday, March 22, 2012

Old Galveston Road Blast From The Past

He had his hands around my I went unconcious  I said a prayer Psalms 23

Iit was you and me two bottles of tequila and a tire iron...

sitting on a concrete porch...just having a blast!
so some dudes are sneaking up on us in a very percocious way..

This is my bottle that one is your bottle if you wanna share it with them thats okay with me but I am taking mine and putting it in the house under a sink that had no cabinet.
when they had finished theirs he came in to get mine..I told him now you told me that this one bottle is mine and it is half full..and you done finished all yours...

and since we had beenn fighting for two or three days already....I didn't want to make him mad any so  gave it to him......

Next thing we know we are pitty putty on a dirt floor...and  my hand was beat red with a bunch of rust on em.
I tripped over the tire iron and ran out the door gave a gold necklace to a taxi driver and he took me home five blocks away.

That was enough for me...
I had his  black and blue badge of honor all up and down my side and throat

so the bed frame had a Machete slipped between the bedspring and the rail for several days

thats when two constables showed up at my work and had a court order for me to be hospitalized for evaluation for 90 days .

End of story:
Thinking back I bet that man had a severly bruised chest maybe a  hairline fracture.
I've been running for my life ever since...

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Roasted Kidney Beans

alright for people who like to go out drinking alot here is another really good alternative to salted peanuts, not to mention that it is excellent for your kidneys and bladder.

Take kidney beans and let them soak till they puff up and release its gases, rinsing two to three time in a period of about 24 hours
then put them in the broiler for 15 to 20 minutes watch them carefully so not to burn and turn with spatula till lightly roasted,
salt with sea salt and tumeric
and some cayenne pepper or chili powder

they can even be used as trailmix
Kidney beans are natural hormones and have a sulfer property
the tumeric is an antiseptic
and BTW: are less expensive that peanuts

add a little sugar to taste

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


AMALGAHYDE, formaldehyde, aldehyde, ultraviolet lights, sweet tooth, silver, tempuratures below 73* in the middle of june, and a bottle of sweet red wine.
How in the world could you do that?
Much more why would you?
and furthermore how do you get away with it?

I'll pass!

Well here is a video that says, not just Mexico Border is effected by immigration laws but check points

If you are a USA citizen you might find comfort in knowing our law enforcement is hard at work but instead you become defensive about coming...