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Let me tell you this....I am not just saying this...I'm telling you... If you think that Our Texas Hospitals are just a can of wishy washy Geeks smoking marijuana you got something coming....
I have seen some of the most miraculous medicines right here in our days in The Woodlands and In Houston! I am not pulling your chain them dudes are awesome... Unbelievably awesome... Do try to stay on their good side, If you love your doctor you will cherish him as much as he cherishes his work.
A cure is worth its weight in gold.
I seen them put together people, cure them, heal them, disciplined them,incarcerate them, you name it its pretty damn well worth it.
I think they like challenges. Texas Is all about a challenge.
I seen some good ones and some not so good ones.
If all else fails call the Doctor! Everyone needs one sometime! ....but Don't take them for granted.
If you got a good Doctor you got a lot!

If there ever was a vampire in this world that would be him ..excuse me, her!

Have a good One!…

Women are Mentioned in the bible

That Must mean that we did actually make it to the end right?

Yes, I know no one wants to hear it!!

But women you must read rev. 12 and 19....

Is a good starting point.


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A dreams that i had,..

I dreamed I was talking to Jesus and he was on the cross, I said I really don't know you except for what I have heard of you and your works and how you are the Son of god. I didn't see things the way my mother and other family seen them and I wondered why you have to die for our sins? and how does that workout for you?

I imagined I guess to wear his thorny crown and see from his perspective would make better sense to me.

and .. I my mind I took the thorny crown and place it on my own head. as a vain thing some would say to think that I could contain all of this burden myself...of which I could not not in confidence or otherwise.
As you see this cup also is flowing over the sins of this world....
I became very fetched and flung it from my head..but the scars are still there ...

What a cursed dream it was...I will never forget.

Could it be? My eyes are head it throbs....and my throat chokes up. I know I cannot go another step from this without y…

IS THIS A JOKE? Marijuana?



THIS IS WHY I AM SO PISSED OFF ALL THE TIME.. for some people life is as easy as pushing a domino down with thier finger . for others its difficult as pushing a car uphill in highheels. BALANCE doesn't look this way..
and beware when your pushing a car... or whether your pushing as domino.. it all has causes and affect. No matter what the desired does get the job done. But an aplication of evil enegy or lets say a spell of badluck could inevidably kill this young woman. Where is the danger in domino's? unless its being played at a Gambling casino whne your in financial debt uo to your ears...
In a psychological sense physical exertion and hands on training is the best teacher. But if you haven't got the cash to fork over in either cases to play domino's, or to buy'll both pretty much wind up in the same place at the same time. Sitting on a park bench.  however: If Domino Player doesn't pay his marker...he'll be pushing up  the d…


Hero's are humans who have pulled you fromt he wreckage of your car..
hero's are who birthed your baby on the way to the hospital in the ambulance
hero's are the one's who piclked you up on the highway after a long journey and fight with your neighbor..
hero's are people who worked ont he cures for cancers and HIV..and found them...

hero's have problems too.
Sometimes hero's must defend even when a defence isnot in thier favor.
Sometimes hero's face judges ...
and judges don't understand hero's

but There is another hero's too..

People who watch out for you day and night.

ANgels On the other hand are quite different..
angels are the words,"becareful".
angel's say dont go there...
angels warn you of  people with guns...
angels are sorely misunderstood....

They are and make up the body of Christ too!

But they are not God Or Jesus ...

The are the Host of your salvation.

Who leads you...
beware there is another angel...that will do …


When the congregation fell apon jesus for forgiveness..and when the blind mans eyes were opened.. and when THE CRIPPLE  manWALKED...

and when lazareth arose  form the tomb..

Jesus final words were go and sin no more! your sins are forgiven!


He will return!He will return!!

the Question On my MInd is ARE YOU HIM?

Does he live in your heart?

Is he in your mind?

There are hero's everyday! God bless them too...
But there is only one Risen savior!

The Son Of God! and His name is Jesus! Adoni! Healer! Son of God!