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Now that you have let the cats and dogs into the house...I don't know why? You gave them all sterilization and they still wee on the wall. Wouldn't it be better to let them roam outside? now they won't multiply? They can climb trees and bark at the moon...fight all day and after noon? But since ozzy osborn is in control...the cat still stinks,, and the dogs still wee on the wall. well I have taking a liking to them as much as I can I have to sometimes remind them that i am just a man. and since they have marked their territores and all... I had to learn to adjust and to wee on the wall. Damn it this is our wee wall this is our wee wall! we must learn to share. Don't carry my wee wall off.. I have gotten use to it there.
Man over board.


HOODOO YOU THINK YOU ARE? WHO DO YOU WANT TO BE ?AND WHO ARE YOU REALLY? Questions you posed to me? Ole man take a look at yourself your alot like me. Virgin bride and the keys on the night stand table. roses on your bed and in your teeth, all boiled down to the night of grand purgery. This is the way it has to say to me. No one worthy to be robed in white. A lifelong of labors and fights. Take what you want if cyou cant get it for free, Leave me destitude young man in the ole crepedness you then you see it is me.. Wisodom of this world has a price to pay...if you aren't with this..get with it. Man walking the green mile has chasened to the crimes. He really doesn't know how it happened.. he was out of his mind. Is this for real is it all a figmentation of the mind? Or is it an illusion the worlds waters wisk away down the fragmented stream of life? So really how long do you want to live ? and Hoodoo? Who do you think you are coming here to me? what is…
dont tell me the wind lies.
loco. stop your hot ice. Carbon dioxide poisoning . CAPESH comprende understand me now. There is no later or better way to tell you.