Monday, February 11, 2013

My Friend Frankie

I have been reading about my new friend "Frankie", that I adopted from care Inc. Jan. the 29th 2013. I was veyry surprised to know that he is a very rare breed of dog due to the low puppie rate that is registered every year. But wouldn't you know that workd out just fine fo him in this day and age since the demand for canines have been all but favorable. "Frankie" seemed to be on the 007 whe he was found. He was very thin and scroungy.. but  thought he looked like Benji" one of the world most favored dogs, much liike Lassy. He has a nasty habit but we won't talk about him that way. He may be looking for a mate. I think we'll keep him out of the puppy mills and think about mating him , when I find a more suitable arrangement.
When I was reading about them I got all mushy cause they are very soulful dogs. He had taken well to his new home and I do have to watch after him constantly , where as he wakes me in the morning to go out and he communicated well to let me know his needs. Although I am concerned about his "Cherry eye", if someone could tell me how to help correct it without surgery.
BTW: His first owner historically was by a man Named "Davidson", wonder if that is relative to Harley davidson? Naw... probably not... Ya'll this dog needs you prayers. God Bless you all. Thank you for my new friend Frankie, I love him very much.

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