Saturday, July 27, 2013

I know my dawg

When I adopted my dawg boo boo he was a kennel male sire abused and neglected a weight of eleven pounds which is listed onmy web page some where 
Now booboo is eighteen pounds got a whole new shed of hair and cherry fixed
But here is the problem booboo was not healthy because booboo is addicted to something. 
He also has sired pups but they are not in the best of shape. 
Here is a picture of boo boo
He is shard worker very frisky and very loyal to his work. 
Please for sake the living please don't
Over populate gods creatures . Don't abuse exploit neglect. We are fortunate to have such beautiful animals that can co exist with mankind. But beware even a small dawg can bite and hurt people . Leaving terrible marks and if you see a maimed animal in the road don't touch them they will bite even their owners when cornered. This is their nature and it cannot be abstracted from their nature it's just the way they were born into society . God loves them yes he does but humans are definitely loved as well. Usually it's not the dawgs fault it's usually our fault for the way they behave and it's more likened into their engineering to love you back. 
Dawgs are genetically throw backs into society and I would venture say it was for a good cause .  I would also venture to say that if you don't know anything about genetics then you should leave its mating cycle alone.

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