Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Journey of the nineties 2013

After a long journey in 1996 I returned home to Texas I felt refreshed alive viable had decided since my 
encounter with such infamous characters that it would be best to go visit my grandmother in North Carolina she wasn't feeling well And was in an ill mood upon my arrival but please that was there I then decided to go to visit my cousins in Kansas we had a stop in Oklahoma Texas and I got off the bus as I was there the bus took off and left me sitting on a park bench seat at the terminal outside I was approach by white-haired elderly man he claimed he was an officer Atlaw and how Oklahoma has some problems , later on arrive at Kansas found out the nature of such problems. The OK bombers and Bombing at the federal building.
At such time in Kansas I took a job at the local motel in Kansas rented a little dumpy trailer I spent every Time on that and I had a lot and  I Been on a broken down trailer so I took the remainder of my money and went to Colorado to visit my sons Derek Dykema and Jason Dykema
When I arrived at Colorado Springs Colorado my ex-husband was being fictitious and so I took the kids and went to King supers and got some food and games or movies and went back to the apartment where The boys and Scott Lived. Scott took a shower got all dressed up and it was about midwinter when I had arrived, He wanted to get some personal freedom so he went out while me and the boys stayed home watched movies and ate
When he came back from his personal freedom the personal level on which  him and I communicated had been somewhat changed and change changed I had to find somewhere else to live I wound up at the American Red Cross shelter in Colorado Springs on Sierra Monterey on a cot and then I got work at the temporary labor pool on Nevada And once my disability money came in I was able to rent a motel at the travelers in Lodge where I resided for approximately one month
I searched out an apartment Signed a lease but never moved in
Mostly due to the fact of the neighborhood residents and persons and because he had asbestos ceilings
I donated plasma and worked at the local Jack-in-the-Box also work at the double Antler Hotel and the Cheyenne resort I also decided to relocate and move out of Colorado and back to Kansas but while I was in Colorado I met a man and we kind of ran off together back to Kansas this relationship lasted all the way up until 1998 then I moved to dodge Kansas
When money ran out and my vehicle which I had purchased was 1982 Went on the blink during a snowstorm had to make some very very quick decisions regarding my finances My living arrangements so it was me and Greyhound back on the bus to North Carolina
It came as a surprise when I went back to my grandmothers apartment in Eden
That her sister Christine called the police on me and had me arrested and incarcerated into a hospital and while I was being detained my poor grandmother was also admitted into the hospital where she later died
I was then given the option to become a citizen and to stay in North Carolina and live at a assisted-living house And I should have accepted their offer but emotionally I was very distraught by the death of my grandmother Of whom I adored all my life and love for everything she taught me Done for me and because she loved me
Needless to say it was a very interesting journey I cried a lot and I experienced great emotion my heart sincerely goes out to the victims of Oklahoma Bomber of Oklahoma , to my sons, The innocent bystanders of the Littleton high school massacre and to my grandmother and my family in North Carolina I am grateful to be alive and I have nothing but respect for the deceased and their families
May you all who survived live long happy and prosperous and I Bid You ado, So long and goodbye, Your friend and comrade in Texas residents and citizens since 1964

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