Locked horns

There are several people that have a tendency to lock horns with the disabled one of those people who have guilt and have no one to blame it on For me I don't know if it's for everybody else but personally the provider care for the disabled is one of them landlords is another one doctors agencies providing healthcare And insurance companies thieves have a Tendency to lock horns Parents and their children When you are locking horns with someone who is a company and you are an individual who's looking for work that kind of wrap kills people this is a technique that they do and it may come in and do their blind studies on the disabled using it to do cavity searches and more in trapping and framing people for things they didn't do and pushing them into a no-win situation even going as far as entrapping the mind step-by-step to you wind up in prison for something you didn't do or are provoked into something you wouldn't ordinarily do Some people consider this wiping your ass on people using a disabled person as a pigeon referencing psychology 101 and by the way isn't the first psychology Psyche patient a pigeon Then wouldn't it be domestic animal abuse to take a psych patient and put them in a contract that makes them go and have the dog cat neutered Spayed and is it mental abuse for a woman That has endured such psychology as psychology 101 Example pigeon to Have to witness and endorse such an Application or procedure and wouldn't it be reckless endangerment To then take that same woman's married last name and put it on documents for the animals which consequently the animal Is now with the human name And furthermore use the animals parts or the last name of that woman to get immigration documents or to sell as a food product To then charge that same woman a deposit and money for the procedures And all of this is done or has been done without the husband  of the woman's consent Matter-of-factly she would not seek his consent since she had divorced him but she has no argument with him except the ones that were created by society but inevitably if that name is used for immigration then that man who is the former husband of the woman may have right to Riot And the correction of those documents legal recourse against the agencies that abused his former wife but since he's not her husband he probably will not assume that Right At all of this turns in to a lost cause the woman has complained and has requested that charges be filed with the county sheriffs department because she knows that if everyone does their job correctly that resolution can be made and the correction of that law Correction of those documents legal restitution and benevolence but trying to get somebody to do something for you as like rams locking horns In today's society more people are concerned about the long picture versus the short picture It's like if they do this that they may lose their job or any number of consequences and unfavorable outcomes Some people say it's just like looking at Cow and seeing it as milk and steak Instead of seeing it as a living animals  and treating it accordingly and Humanely 
If anything you have learned from this Entree a step-by-step protocol into which you can wage war against human trafficking illegal immigration illegal documentations and cruelty to animals all rolled into one I imagine if you knew how to capitalize on this you accept this as a blueprint
Unfortunately most people's minds are only set on how much money they can make
And for good reason because the economy sucks we have to provide and we have to survive that the rate this is going and that's like human euthanasia
And humane euthanasia of animals such as horses all this cost money to matter how you look at it but when it comes to being human and being acceptable in society you have to weigh the odds what will you tolerate and what do you not tolerate and do you have a zero tolerance What will you let slip through your hands today ?


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