Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Please contact your wife /mother

Please do not take this plea as one that seeks to harm, Rather a plea that seeks to help Mr. Scott Dykema .
Mr. Scott Dykema has been missing a lot of his wife presence for very very long time every medical procedure ever done was not with his consent and he was out of pocket at that time. Matter-of-factly Mr. Dykema has not been in contact with his wife since 1996  Mr. Derrick Dykema the son of Scott Dykema is missing while his older son is in prison the word is that Mr. Scott Dykema was in a serious car accident And that he was supposed to be in a certain hospital but we cannot locate Mr. Scott Dykema through the medical records of those hospitals his former wife is very very concerned about his whereabouts Since His signature is on the initial documentation for hospitalization for his wife to be mentally institutionalized , we are desperately seeking after him to find out if he is okay and  still alive The rear asking Mr. Scott Dykema and Derek Ashton Dyckman to please contact his mother at the above number 832-510-7597 We do not want to put out a warrant or a missing persons bulletin he is not being held Answerable to any accusation or crime That he has some imposters harassing his wife And she must find out what's going on with him Whether or not he is reaping reports that he shouldn't be regarding his wife's mental health whether or not he's okay is the most important thing We cannot allow someone to impostor his wife who is a long time standing residence at Texas and Montgomery county she is been released and discharged from her legal commitment Anyone knowing the whereabouts of Scott Dyke man please call 832-510-7597 Thank you everybody and have a great day

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