Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Step back feast your eye on a broad picture

Here is The broad picture, Let's start in the 1960s you had to JFK Kennedy assassination, You had the Jonestown massacre, You had the Charlie Manson Occult and Charlie Manson confirmation of his whereabouts in Texas Lagrange to be exact . And then you had a mass murder in Pasadena Texas, Of young school-age boys that were buried beneath the floorboards of the wooden house and many more other bodies buried out at Galveston Island. The broad picture is that it looks like what ever or whoever this was wasn't evil plot or deadly omen, But the truth of the matter is it was post Vietnam War, And My uncle was ran over by truck right before my four-year-old eyes And a grocery store clerk was shot right before my four-year-old eyes. This year was in 1968 so they caught a black man on the grassy knoll is the JFK but they arrested a man and shot and killed him the man who is doing the mass murders was taken to Galveston County to unearth the graves but television Was only invented in the 1940s And quite frankly no one could believe their eyes For their ears. To most people they had been prepped for another storyline from  HG Wells. No one could believe in what the TV Said, And even so the stories when in one ear and out the other if you ask me quite frankly there is something agitate the situation and aggravating about it all that no one really got the sense of justification and no one was truly sure about this group of stories and horror migrating from the South often some say are calling this South Winds And reference it as being the most poignant In all the-world wide .
Even preachers have said that television is one of the worst sins in the world today. And because of television many murderers have went free  perpetrators and the instigators of the above crimes listed as mass murderers. People who should truly be held accountable for these crimes are walking the streets and still abusing people of the United States of America . It is with my greatest concern that we take notice of these things of which I will not call Human more like into beastiality and carnal sin so corrosive and sickening it turns every stomach. But we have something to be thankful for the a beast now getting old where they used to travel about on four wheels they only have three and there Weebly wobbly gypsy wagon is going to fall over and Deteriorate. And this is good news I will never be so happy as to see these people burn in hell burn in hell you son of a bitch! You see what is done he's taken man and turn them into less of a man he's taken women and turn them Into harlots and treacherous women even got into a little DNA splicing and cloning and's spawning Can you imagine reproduction Something Horrendous As this The Carney evil himself. 
He just continues to chop slice at every living thing So you see the Kings business And America United States. Sincerely that king has Manny great and evil carnage thanks for you what you did He will surely decapitate And impale you for what you have done And you can bet your bottom dollar on that.
I need and want no more and when the final line is written I will rejoice and be glad in it do your job you who have been call let's Ride Our house of this atrocity And take these murderers Sadistic masochistic bastards-to hell.
Your friend and comrade I beseech forever and a day, All hell the queen of Wales sincerely Miss Tannie dykema

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