Stuck in 1982

My mind goes back to the time of 1982  Cullen sandpits a"lowered boom" how crazy is that to dive off a hundred foot boom into a puddled swampy snake infested pool of possibles and belly flop on the surface . Lol that be my sister except I didn't want to go to jail for murder! That was the party I had. It stuck! Because of you!

So let me ask you what year are you sticking? 

.....and I haven't moved much since then.

You know it's not a joke and it never was but somehow everyone of you who knew found it funny and laughed while smoking you marijuana stick. Forgot all about it and guess what. Wake up... We didn't forget . We just don't go there no more. Afraid to because of what we might find out. Sympathy for the devil is not first on my list.


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