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UIn general I do not like to complain about Charities Social security or welfare because I really don't want to take advantage of those companies or organizations but when you have to say something and makes it pretty impossible to say and that is that the Social security administration has got people clampdown so hard and covered under redtape to the Point that they have very little motor movement and personal freedoms they cannot accomplish even simple tasks such as doing their civil duties in society or trying to be a good Samaritan or patriot. We should lift disabled in handicapped and and elderly up high on a pedestal Not High under a bushel 
There should be more ways To assist the disabled the handicap And seniorcitizen Of whom I personally find a great debt of gratitude towards
While some people may balk and complain about disabled people receiving so security there is definitely a good reason for that , Quite simply that some people are not deserve to be on disability. So when I see people who are handicapped disabled senior citizens been taking advantage of being abused for their income what little they have when it's not a Fairmarket so and being mistreated it hurts me deeply and as far as the employment line goes there's not very many positions in society that will enable someone to assist people in the correct fashion they simply do not hire people to do that There is no such job description. 

So in essence what you have is ill-equipped people trying to perform a job that there is no or very  little money Or funds to support their claims and money left over  from grants or loans to put in the pockets of these disabled handicapped and seniors And as such in most circumstances they find themselves in a situation where they have to provide voluntary services just to get their own paperwork done and which may be done incorrectly and to help assist other people without being neglectful of their rights being it disabled or handicapped or senior Has to perform what I referred to as grunt Work this whether they like it or not Everyone disabled senior citizen or handicap are provoking merged on to continue forward despite the lack and capabilities of proper tools proper funds etc. Which takes a big portion out of their personal freedoms and their wallet it would be very easy to regress back into a state of being that is so frowned upon in society  They have worked so hard to get to the point where they are now and they're getting to the point where they feel unloved unI noticed Unwanted and despise by there once comrades and friends Because of their neediness lowliness and Structure And that does not include the place where they are now at in their Health and well-being. I'm very grateful and have extreme gratitude towards the securities and and people who assist us but I feel that because of that lack of having tools and the ability to define or to assist it Gratitude does not go very far And are just mere words so we can put a verb with that And turn it in to an action . The deployment of this verb is gotten to the point of extremity and people are now starting to scream and curse To implore these plans that we have heard so often but have seen very little of And people Need to listen and pay attention But who can listen to the railings screaming And so most must turn the Deaf ear To the words and things that are spoken in behalf of those who desperately need .
As a disabled family that I came from it took years to get in ramps and oversized bathroom stalls and things of this nature I don't know how long it's going to get the government and those who matter to take it off objectively look at the current situation in which were all in and until they do we are all having to back out of this construction of things that help the handicap and disabled because there's only one certain type of group of people that are actually benefiting from it and those who are disabled a handicap are paying dearly for what they need. They have paid in from so security and insurance companies and amounts that would enable them to build state-of-the-art hospitals and surgical tables and we have seen this in the media but that's not helping us that hurting us because those funds need to be put back into society so that they can function on the level that people can Respect and identify with Those funds should be totally utilized to the best interests of the citizens of Texas. Disabled in handicapped retarded or Ugly without discrimination or prejudices And instead elected in the poor person pocket as if they are another Howard Hughes Wake up wake up America this is reality not a dream haven't we suffered long enough We don't even have homes to call home food on the table when we need it is said we have to run 50 miles every day in our cars or foot on our bicycles just a piece it together. And make life worth living and Livable
Someone Want this so bad even though they're not disabled handicap and seniors someone is for the disabled handicapped the seniors and some cannot accomplish that they're working effortlessly but they cannot accomplish it while others including the disabled handicapped and seniors sit in toiling every day toiling toiling toiling toward it but never are able to reach the goal looks like we need a superman but in actuality we only need signatures to put it into action We don't need resistance rebels or things of those like. Picketing Rioting in peaceful demonstrations are out and waste of our money as well as everybody else's . Once we accomplish our goals we can move on to something else. We can actually alleviate our mental torment by accomplishing these goals
And we can make everybody happy and completely satisfied so that they can live some kind of life with normality in their senior years or disabled in handicapped life. But you can't do it like a pigeon sit in a pigeon poop you got to get the word out. Let's bust Some butt and do it take care have a great day always in my thoughts in my mind even upon my awaken every day. God bless you and take care yours Truly

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