And this the greatest commandment

Here's what went wrong! But you did not believe in this commandment because it was construed in a way that meant you was going to die . You was going to be passed around like a piece of bread ,die of aids and in childbirth.
And you was offered this opportunity a million times. And a million times you said no! (Good for you) So you got married instead and had a baby, and you started life over a new , Your husband was untrue (you didn't know why)and you still  passed around like piece of bread. You didn't stop loving him or praying for him.(but in your unawares he was very devious and sly) And you almost died because of it. Now contrary to what you loved you had to let go of him( cause that's the way things are and you were told should be) Cause he will never be theirs because he accepted Christ(but he isn't quite yours either) but he didn't know you cannot fight the whole world of sex pots off alone( it was just like the judas'd kiss). Now there are brothers and sisters  but they are not infallible (no) how strong of faith do you have to have to change a man like that? (The only thing that stand between god the church and man seemed to be you)
Will we ever truly understand these simple ways of man?
Jesus if you cannot understand these simple things you will not understand the bigger things.
How large is the world? And how small are you standing in it?
You Put your dukes up and fight like a man, but you are weak... God is strong!
God even gave you the benefit of the doubt, you must have forgotten me he'd might say, You might have even forgotten what love is, are you crazy out of your head?

That's ok I forgave you ! Why does someone have to die for you to realize this?
Now your woman is all tapped out of love..
Since you opened the market 
And you sold the man on a piece of bread.he bought it, and the bread made him sick.

Do not attempt a triangle made of sex pots and perverts, we don't even want to but that's what really is tearing you up inside. 

Notorious prostitute.

And he was starving!

(And then Sigmund Freud and role reversal 
He became the bosom which his daughter nursed. Now that ain't right, but it ain't far from being wrong it s just a matter of a piece of bread. )


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