Thursday, August 08, 2013

Area 64

Dear  I'm writing to tell you about my latest discovery because of the marijuana 64th amendment revolution

I have decided to brief you on what we are going through

This may be able to help you when you go for your parole hearing although I don't know when you're procuring is so in your next correspondence please send them dates to me

Because the area 64 amendment we will just say that it's getting harder and harder to get people who are incarcerated out of jail

Because it's hard to determine who is involved in it because there are so many who are involved in it and because of it's complicated nature And you just send her is being evaluated for these complications and their involvement in it

These complications were racketeer mental health problems involving around the transport of drugs and state lines And the hijacking of innocent people and females While some are voluntarily going into this area of 64th amendment others are not so actively involved and could be considered prisoners of war and when I say prisoners of war I mean the war on drugs As all wars of South America and Africa young children were enlisted in these wars Used as militia And I have had the duty of tracking these wars and these people and getting information because my  you has been Attack or sublists it by people I know Then nature and depth of these problems extend into the equilibrium the hipp campus regions of the brain vertigo and clones or mutated and disease Your grandfather Moyes  set out a cry of the morning regarding this , previous to his death in July 1992 He said that we are not experiencing the effects of the war on drugs because it stem from South America Nicaragua  that they are however planning attacks and those are the people that are enlisted in this war

Because of this war The children and militia Have now grown into the adults in the United States of America The war which Has overextended it stay In itself was well overdue. Has created many many victims And has created what we now Terms area 64 not the 64th amendment. This area has included Colorado Texas Louisiana and Arizona. Which also include Stateline breaches Making this a crime and a felony of the highest magnitude. It's varity is so bad that it has impacted the children of those states whether or not they were United States of America and citizens or refugees defectors or immigrants. Of which many people such as the liikes of you have become involved because you're the demential participation and drugs. Sex and women. But I may not stress enough of your awareness and that you notice and acknowledge the problem at hand. My warning is this; Do not assume yourself to be a Milici leader controller or in a Any authoritative position over these people Of which you do not , They are the best at what they do And have been employed black arts such as voodoo and hoodoo. In some cases where the hippocampus the equilibrium and vertigo are active people have lost their entire lives even those who have not been drug abusers in the past. And in it's lesser form has identity crisis as a sign of It's wake in America. I am ill-equipped as one individual – UR ill-equipped. But I'm more of the victim and I offer this letter as a way in a means to have them drop charges on you as being an informant from Texas to Colorado

. I am the daughter of Vietnam War I am the opposing force . And you will do the same And you will lay down your arms. And fight with me Against the militia of South America and Nicaragua This is now called area 64 Not the 64th amendment. I open the door so that you can except this proposal But the door will not remain open for long And I grant you the power to change . To accept and acknowledge your crimes and to surrender To area 64 Don't ever do drugs again .If you make this promise to meet  To remain clean and sober For the duration of this war To wait for approval And be released from prison and you get in ahead We can close this war And dismiss the 64th amendment as being faulty Fake and fraudulent. And dig a little further on the tip of the iceberg of the casualties of war. There will be no 64th amendment even if for force feed it to us it will not exist or co exist with this family. Ever and I do mean ever. I am sure That the government will approve Area 64 As a means of oxidative Effect And approval of structured Plans Choose secretly overthrow The South American militia. And you must apply extreme trust And allow As to continue And not obstruct our government.

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