Can-ibis sativa better known as medicinal marijuana

Harvested in August to October there are three main grades Bhang ganja charras Additionally hashish which is known by the Persians as assassin associated drugs with crime. 
The normal stuff you see on the streets was considered ganja, But up in the mountains of Colorado charras  is grown in high altitudes. Of the three charas is the most potent.
Bhang as the least Potent.
And the flavors come from chemical additives to make the drug more powerful such as aurum met Chicona gunpowder And other homeopathic remedies and herbal additives.
Is much like in the 60s and 70s when  cocaine was being abused the additive was chicona Because it is a contradiction to the state the person was in which was debilitated Consequently people who do cocaine starved to death much like Andy Gibb  of the Beegee's.
There is a new synthetic marijuana being made by pharmaceutical companies today which comes in the form of a pill. Mannitol it's called I think. 
Cannibis sativa is the host of many chemicals addictive and non- addictive .
Including powerful tranquilizers including "angel dust" p.c.p. 
Just when you thought it was safe to go in the water Out comes Angel dust! What is the world's worst hallucinogenic's tranquilizers. In itself was a horse tranquilizer Commonly used as a date rape drug. People to want to rest and they will do anything including walking up and getting in their own coffin and allowing you to put on 6 foot under. Man is exhausted, And cannot find peace without the medicine. But the local government has provided with the alcohol prohibition and the serving of liquor. Be very very careful this is high potency stuff.
The crops in Colorado will probably burn and they gained a little bit too much ground and consumed some housing and that is just furthering their ability by racketeering insurance companies on housing and possible arson.
Do you understand ? 


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