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Frankie's booboo has a question!

My little Frankie dawg has a question! He wants to know what is that thing you put on my back! (Ouchy woo woo) not I get radar signals and my owner is paying for it by wiping the counter with my back!


NFC is similar to Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) but far more functional when incorporated in products or devices such as mobile phones. RFID is a usefulContactless (proximity) technology most of us use today but may not realize it or take for granted. Some common examples are:

  • Electronic Toll  Collection (i.e. TollTag) and public transit fare collection 
  • Access Control- building access cards, key tags or electronic keys 
  • Automobile key authentication (i.e. Automobile Immobilization Systems)
  • Household pet identification (veterinarian-placed ID tags/capsules)
  • Certain types of electronic credit and debit cards, Speedpass key tag

NFC can emulate RFID functionality, both as aTag (also referred to as a token or transponder) which is usually the mobile component used to provide unique identification information, and as a Reader  (or Interrogator) which is generally the fixed or stationary component used to read or identify tags. When NFC technology is incorporated into a device like a mobile phone that has a display, keypad, programmable memory and wireless Internet connection, the NFC mobile phone can emulate multiple tags, tokens or cards, as well as provide additional contactless functionality. Some functionality includes:

  • Electronic Toll  Collection (i.e. TollTag) and public transit fare collection 
  • Access Control- building access cards, key tags or electronic keys 
  • Automobile key authentication (i.e. Automobile Immobilization Systems)


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I personally am proud of our new president,"Donald Trump", despite the controversial subject matter at hand he has previously thought through some of the tough decisions at hand presently and signed and sealed the decision that all good people would want.
There seems to be a lot of bickering about some issues that remain unresolved and he was quick to resolve them. In his intelligence made the decision that overall would end civil liabilities and put back to work USA .
Making America Great again is not an easy task while he can give the orders to move ahead, the real true work lays in the hands of citizens. How much of your time and energy are you willing to put into "making America great again", is all I'm asking?
This is what you voted for, if you voted.
When there is no work and no money, the work there is becomes very grueling and tedious. Working money sometimes is just as tedious, and you gotta be there to answer the call, step up or step down, your stil…

Blackfoot vs. Cherokee vs, Alabama Coushatta??

THIS IS A MATERNAL SIDE/but there has been no evidence for the paternal side.


Important Blackfoot Mythological Figures
Old Man (also known by his Blackfoot name, Naapi, or spelling variants such as Napi, Nape, Napa, Napiw, Napioa, Na-pe, Na'pi, Na'pe, or Old-Man.) Naapi is the benevolent culture hero of the Blackfoot tribe (sometimes referred to as a "transformer" by folklorists.) He is a trickster, a troublemaker, and sometimes a foolish person, but he is also responsible for the shaping of the world the Blackfeet live in and frequently helps the people. He is assisted in these tasks by his wife, Old Woman or Old Lady (Kipitaki or Kipitaakii in Blackfoot). In some Blackfoot Indian legends both Old Man and Old Woman are associated with coyotes (some Blackfoot storytellers even call them "Old Man Coyote" and "Old Lady Coyote,…

Dangers of smoking and taking marijuana candy alternatives

I was a wife of a man who said, periodically that "marijuana", was safer than even alcohol or smoking cigarettes. That it was even safer to smoke marijuana joints than drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes and the hidden dangers of getting cancer.This was in the eighties not the the year 2000 and above.

Well, I suppose that it was the lessor of the evils of this world,(Not for me). However; We then realized the hard way the real dangers when Smoking and getting high on marijuana candy and high potency marijuana. How some people would even prefer not driving at all as opposed to loosing the right to smoke marijuana medicinally or not.

The additives that raised the potency, was then recipe'd into a candy that mimicked other famous candy labels.
Which took me back in time to a mass murderer in Texas Known AKA Candy man, or Dean Corell, and his conspirators.
Which I always am stumped by seems there are really only three that impact Texans lives and so children's lives.…