Love triangle,"The British Are Coming"!

Should be perfect in every way! If you have been married before you know how a jealous other can be. 
Twos company and three is a crowd.
Sometimes it can be edgy and to the point.
But of you have perfect triangles then its very nurturing and loving.
God says where three or more are gathered in his name there so shall I also be.
He also said if a house is divided it will not stand .
So if you can get enough love triangle together in perfect harmony with god a home may be formed. This is house is called the church of god!
I defeat lucifers stronghold on my people but his attack is never ending . You have to remain strong even in the fair-face of adversity.
For somehow in awe of gods mighty plan  because we cared about the church,we waxed strong . Would it be fair to give the weakest army or should it be as strong as Goliath? 
Now lucifer has a mighty opponent , Shall we overcome? Give him his last rite! And let's pronounce him dead through Christ and the church.
For we do not wrestle with flesh and blood but the powers and principalities.


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